Sleep is Most Important for Longevity

Dr. William C. Dement, considered by some to be the father of sleep science, said that

Healthy sleep has been empirically proven to be the single most important determinant in predicting longevity, more important than diet, exercise, or heredity.

Put more succinctly, sleep is more important than anything else to have a long life.

Naturest Magnetic Mattress TopperSleep is important for many reasons. It provides a chance for the body to release stress, repair the normal wear and tear of the body, and do all of the other things that the body does when it relaxes. Basically, sleep is the time when the parasympathetic nervous system can take over. Heart rate slows, food gets digested, damaged cells get repaired or replaced, our immune system takes care of bacteria and viruses to keep us healthy.

During the day, when we are awake and active, we can be under a lot of stress. Stress raises the sympathetic nervous system, the one that controls the flight-or-fight response that we hear so much about. It also suppresses the parasympathetic system, so our immune response is slow, we don’t digest well, and our systems become acidic. If we stay in this mode for long, our systems become toxic.

We fix this when we sleep. By not getting enough sleep, we run the risk of not undoing all of the damage done by the day’s stress.

That’s where Nikken’s new Naturest Magnetic Mattress Topper comes in. It is a magnetic mattress pad that goes on top of your existing mattress. Nikken decided to go with natural latex for this pad because it keeps its firmness better than any man-made foam, naturally wicks away moisture, and makes it easier for you body to regulate temperature. It is naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew, and other microbes too. What this means for you is that you will sleep better. Your less likely to move about during your sleep, allowing you to stay in the deeper, rejuvenating stages of sleep.

If you’re looking at a magnetic mattress pad, then you probably already know that magnets are beneficial to the body for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, your body was designed to be in a magnetic field, specifically the Earth’s magnetic field. It is a very big magnet with a north and south pole. If magnetic fields were harmful, then the human race wouldn’t have come as far as it has. That is why Nikken uses neodymium magnets in the new mattress pad. They are natural Earth magnets so that we sleep fully exposed to the Earth’s natural magnetic energy while staying safely indoors.

The magnets in the Naturest magnetic mattress topper help the body to relax and stay in that deeper, rejuvenating sleep. Magnets have also shown to be very helpful in stimulating the natural healing responses in the body. While not commonly talked about, doctors use magnetic fields to help bones heal if they haven’t healed properly on their own. So, it is safe to say that magnets can help the body to heal. They also promote energy flow ( we use magnets to generate electricity, so that is a proven fact as well ) and their is a lot of energy flowing in the body in the form of blood circulation and nerve conduction.

So, to summarize, sleep is vitally important for long life because it is the time for our bodies to relax and take care of the repair and rejuvenation that is possible during the stressful day. The Naturest magnetic mattress pad significantly helps that process by providing a restful environment built on natural latex foam and magnets that help the body stay in the deeper stages of sleep where that body restoration takes place.

Find out more about the Naturest magnetic mattress pads here.

Wayne Woodworth


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