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You can get more information about any of the Nikken pillows as well as prices and place orders by clicking the picture of the item below. Note that the Kenko Naturest DynaFlux Custom Pillow is brand new and is currently on back order. Ordering now will save your place in line to get them when they become available.

Nikken magnetic pillows help to create a relaxing and energizing environment to give you the best night
Click 'Buy Now' to order from NikkenBuy Nikken magnetic pillows help to create a relaxing and energizing environment to give you the best night

Inside the Kenko Naturest Custom Pillow is a special filler of rolled latex. It’s designed so that you subtract or replace filler to achieve the desired degree of firmness — your personal perfect fit. The latex is especially resilient, so it resists being compressed flat, unlike a down or foam pillow. A head and neck support at the bottom of the pillow provides correct spinal alignment. Deep within the Custom Pillow is patent-pending DynaFlux magnetic technology, a series of magnets arranged to surround you in a cocoon of magnetism.

What’s New with the Nikken Kenko Pillow

Kenko Naturest PillowcaseNEW 7/10/2014 – Nikken has introduced the new Kenko Naturest Pillowcase. Far-infrared and negative ion technologies (no magnets) in a machine-washable pillow case.

This pillow is completely unique as far as I know. It is like a regular pillow because it is stuffed with shredded latex foam and it is like a contoured pillow with the denser foam bar that holds the magnets and supports the neck. It is a “custom” pillow because you can unzip the side and remove some of the latex stuffing to make it softer if you like.

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Kenko Naturest Custom Pillowcase

The new Naturest Custom Pillowcase adds far-infrared and negative ion technologies to your pillow for improved comfort while you sleep. It will also make your pillow match your Kenko Dream or Dream Light comforter. And, since it doesn’t have any magnets, it is safe for people who cannot use magnets who want to get the benefits of Nikken’s other technologies. Finally, again because it doesn’t have magnets, it is machine washable.

Nikken Sleep Brochure

Magnetic Travel Pillow

Nikken Neck PillowNikken’s magnetic travel pillow is a horseshoe-shaped pillow that fits around your neck and supports your head while you are sitting upright. It is made from the same natural latex filler as the regular Naturest pillow and mattress topper.

The Naturest travel pillow is the first product to use the new SpyderRAM magnetic technology. There is one SpyderRAM node set into the back of the pillow where it will rest against the back of your neck while you use the pillow. That places it right over the spinal cord, blood vessels, and energy meridians that pass through the back of the neck.

While hardly a scientific study, I asked a friend who gets a lot of migraine headaches to use the pillow for a few weeks to see if it helped her. She said that she would use the travel pillow when she felt a headache coming on and it seemed to stop the headaches. This is just one person’s experience and doesn’t mean everyone will have the same results, but it is encouraging and a lot better than taking drugs.


Nikken SpyderRAM Magnetic TechnologyThe Naturest travel pillow includes the new SpyderRAM magnetic technology.

Recently introduced in the Nikken Family magazine, patent-pending SpyderRAM technology expands on the principle of radial-axis magnetism – literally – by placing a series of large spheroid magnets in a flexible, weblike matrix of medical-grade silicone. Each SpyderRAM magnet capsule includes an internal projection that fits into a corresponding cavity in the magnet, locking it into place at the precise angle. The magnets are approximately 900 gauss, ideal for use in an article where they are relatively close to the surface, like the enhanced Kenko Naturest Travel Pillow.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t tell me very much. The older RAM disk is about 1.25 inches across and has small neodymium magnets fixed with their fields pointing in different directions. While powerful, they don’t provide a lot of coverage.

The new SpyderRAM nodes are 4 inches across, so they will provide more coverage. Like their RAM predecessor, the magnets are fixed with their fields pointing in different directions. They had to use neodymium in the RAM because the magnets were so close together. The larger SpyderRAM doesn’t have that restriction, so it uses less expensive, easier to produce, ferrous magnets.


As a independent Nikken wellness consultant I do not represent or speak for Nikken. The contents of this website are my opinions based on my use of the Nikken pillow. Also, none of my statements have been reviewed or approved by the FDA. I am a massage therapist and unable to diagnose, treat, or prescribe a magnetic pillow for any specific conditions.

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