What Are the Benefits of Magnetic Earrings?

Kenko Rosebug Magnetic EarringsWhat benefits could you get from magnetic earrings? It is commonly accepted that magnets can improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation. Are those effects going to seem all that significant applied to the earlobe? Probably not for most people. A magnetic earring might be a good choice if you recently had your ear pierced.

I prefer to look at how magnets affect the body from an energetic standpoint. The body’s energetic aura extends a long way from the body and is strong and easily detectable close to the skin, say within the first inch or two. When you wear magnetic jewelry, like a pair of magnetic earrings, they sit in that energetic field around your head.

How Magnetic Earrings Could Affect the Body

When you insert a fixed magnetic field, like from a pair of magnetic earrings, into a variable magnetic field, like that generated by living tissues (your brain, eyes, ears, blood, skin, etc), the first magnetic field will have a normalizing effect on the second field. Most health issues appear as an abnormality in the body’s energy field first, then appear in the physical body. That provides a basis from which to talk about the effects of magnetic earrings.

From there, magnetic earrings could effect many issues, most directly with your ears and then more subtly with your head, maybe even getting down to your neck and shoulders. I’m not going to mention any specific conditions because I don’t want to make any medical claims.

If I had pierced ears, I would add magnetic earrings to complement the magnetic necklace and bracelet that I already wear.

Nikken Kenko Magnetic Earrings

Disclaimer & disclosure: I am not a doctor and I do not claim that magnets will help you with any condition you may have. Always see a doctor first. I am a Nikken distributor, so if you order magnetic earrings through a link on this page I may earn some income from your purchase.

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