How Do Nikken Magnets Interact With the Body

Kenko PowerMini MagnetI received a question recently on the Kenko PowerMini magnets:

Magnets? How does the magnet interact with the body? (Skin penetration, etc)

He sounded rather skeptical, so kept my response very high level and started with how magnets are used in medicine.

Nikken magnets have an effect on the body just by placing them within the body’s energy field. That’s the first place people have difficulty with magnets. They don’t believe in the body’s energy field. The body’s energy field is what is read by medical diagnostic equipment. Further, each organ has its own field that it generates. For example, an electrocardiogram (ECG) reads the electrical component of the heart field and a magneto cardiogram (MCG) reads the magnetic component.

By placing a fixed field inside of a changeable field, the second field will adjust to match the fixed field. That’s how power companies use magnets to induce an electric current and, going the other way, how electric currents can cause a motor to turn. When using Nikken magnets with the body, the body’s field will change to match the fixed field from the magnet. Then that field will induce the body to change to match it.

The specific magnets that the question was tied to, the Kenko PowerMini magnets, use Nikken’s Dynaflux magnetic technology which is designed using more than one magnet in opposition to create a magnetic field that extends farther than it would if it was a single magnet, so they will penetrate the body deeper. These magnets will penetrate far enough to directly affect the nerves in muscles under the skin.

Nikken’s MagDuo and MagCreator take the magnetic field one step further. They roll when you use them, so they become a spinning magnet. A spinning magnet creates a much larger magnetic field. If you spin the MagDuo in front of someone and hold a magnetic field sensor behind them, the sensor will detect the magnetic field passing through the body. There’s no question that these magnets can affect the body.

So, for anyone who doubts that Nikken magnets can have an effect on the body, maybe you will be a little more open to the idea of trying them out for yourself.


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