What Can Help With Your Low Back Pain?

Lower Back PainA customer asked me yesterday if Nikken had anything that could help with her low back pain. She had injured her back and had a herniated disc.

I always have to start of my reply to any question like that with a disclaimer. I’m not a doctor and Nikken’s products are not approved as medical devices, so I cannot recommend them for any specific condition because that would be a medical claim.

I can share what I would do if I had low back pain.

The first thing I would do for any kind of body pain is make sure that I stay completely hydrated. If I am dehydrated then I know that my muscles tighten up, my fascia constricts, and my blood doesn’t flow as well to carry in nutrients and carry out waste. If you have ever experienced a trigger point in a muscle then you already know what I’m talking about.

The next thing I would do for my low back pain would be to put a magnet on it. In this particular case it is in the lower back, so I would use the Kenko MagFlex because that is exactly where it is intended to go. There are 28 Dynaflux magnetic nodes in the MagFlex, so it will provide plenty of magnetic energy and send it deep enough to reach where it needs to go.

If the issue was higher on my back I might consider using the MagFlex anyway because of all the magnetic nodes and use plenty of first aid tape to hold it in place. Otherwise I would tape a couple Kenko PowerChips, which were the first magnets to use the Dynaflux technology, over and around the area that hurt.

Finally, I would find a massage therapist, preferably one who did some form of myofascial release, to work over my back really well with the intent of stretching out my back, opening up the spaces in my spine, and generally improve the circulation in the muscles and fascia in my back.

That’s what I would do.


Disclaimer: I am a distributor of the Nikken magnets mentioned above. If you order one or more I may earn some income from your purchase. I am not affiliated with the Myofascial Release website but I am a big fan.

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