Jade GreenZymes – I Use the Products Part 8

Jade GreenZymes Barley Grass PowderI can’t get through the Spring pollen season without my Jade GreenZymes.

Anytime you buy a product from someone you always wonder if they actually use the product themselves. I am an independent Nikken distributor and I do use the products myself. I decided to write this series of posts to talk about the products that I use myself, why I use them, and what benefits I believe I receive from them.

Nikken has had the Jade GreenZymes powder for several years and I have used it for as long as I have been a distributor. When usually focus on pollen season when I talk about the barley grass powder because that is when I get the most immediate results. I take it all year long though because it is alkalizing and packed with energy. When I used to work an office job I would take the Jade GreenZymes sometime after lunch as an energy boost instead of getting a caffeine hit from a cola or something.

The barley grass powder is made from organic young barley grass extract, organic pearl barley seed extract and organic kombu extract. The barley grass is harvested at its peak to maximize the nutritional content then minimally processed into a powder. Once you receive the Jade GreenZymes, just add water and drink to your health.

I have never been very consistent in taking any of the Nikken nutritional supplements. I have tried most of them and there are a few that I intend to take everyday. I don’t have a regular daily routine so I sometimes forget, but I don’t forget to take my Jade GreenZymes.

I probably need a disclaimer here. I’m not a doctor and the Jade GreenZymes are not a medication, so I probably cannot say that the powder will help with your allergies. Nikken’s Jade GreenZymes is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What I can say is that in the Spring when my eyes start to itch after I’ve been outside for awhile, I can drink a teaspoon of the barley grass powder in a glass of water and within 15 minutes my eyes stop itching and I can be comfortable outside for a few hours.

PS. You can order your Kenzen Jade GreenZymes here.

PPS. See the rest of this series on the products that I use personally.

Disclaimer. I am an independent Nikken distributor. That’s the whole point of this series of posts, to let you know that I’m not just selling the stuff, I use it too. Anyway, if you decide to order your Kenzen Jade GreenZymes barley grass powder from me, then I may earn some income.

Better yet, you can sign up as a Nikken distributor, sell some to people you know who need it, and make earn some additional income. I can help you with that too.

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