I Love the New PowerSleep Mask

Nikken PowerSleep Magnetic MaskNikken introduced a new sleep mask in August to replace the one that was discontinued back in the Spring. The new mask is called the Kenko PowerSleep Mask.

I’ve had mine for about a week now, so I’m ready to compare it to the old one. Actually, there isn’t much to compare because the PowerSleep Mask is so much better.

The new mask uses the same DynaFlux magnetic technology that was introduced with the Kenko PowerChips last year. The technology puts magnetic fields in opposition to each other so that the resulting magnetic field extends much farther from the magnet. For you and me, that means the magnetic field penetrates deeper than just the surface of your skin and increases the potential benefits.

The magnets are placed in the mask around the outside of the eye socket with no magnets directly over your eyes. It is easy to find where the magnetic nodes are with your fingers but you don’t feel them when you wear the mask.

The biggest problem that I had with the old magnetic sleep mask was that the material wasn’t very rigid and creased over my eyes. The new PowerSleep magnetic mask isn’t going to have that problem. The mask is more firm, so it should hold its shape much better.

The PowerSleep mask is also much more comfortable to wear. The material against your face is soft and doesn’t cause your eyes to sweat like the old mask did. That makes it easier to keep the mask on all night so that you get the benefits of the magnets for a longer period of time.

You can find out more about the mask here.

Wayne Woodworth

Disclosure – I am an independent distributor for Nikken’s products. I will earn some income if you choose to order Nikken products through a link in this post.

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2 Responses to I Love the New PowerSleep Mask

  1. viola anderson says:

    While I think I will learn to like the newest sleep mask, it is no way comparable to the older one. I immediately fell in love with the old Nikken sleep mask. It felt immediately cool and soothing to my eyes….I learned to love that feature while I adjusted to using a mask for sleeping. The new one, I just received for Christmas, is thick, when I roll over in bed, the edge of the mask pushes the mask sideways, allowing light in. If this were the first mask I had ever tried I do not believe I would have been convinced that nightly use could be beneficial to a good night’s sleep. The cooling, soothing effect of the old mask has totally disappeared with the new mask. I always compared the soothing feeling of the old mask to that experienced by applying cold compresses to my eyes. I do not agree that the new mask is “new and improved.” I feel the old mask, it’s snug cool fit, the thin, slick feeling far surpasses that of the new mask.

    • Hi Viola. Thank you for sharing your thoughts of the new mask. I have some other distributor friends who may agree with you on some of your points. For me, the old mask didn’t breathe well so my eyes sweated during the night. Because it was thin it lost its shape after a few months and I couldn’t use it anymore. I haven’t had those problems with the new mask. The mask does get pushed sideways when you roll over or if you sleep on your side. I sleep on the edge of my pillow now to take care of that. Over time the mask will shape itself to your face and that will become less of an issue. One thing that I can tell you is that the magnets in this mask are far superior to the old one. I haven’t heard anyone want to debate that point. I do believe that you will like it more once it gets broken in and you have had time to adjust to it. Come back and let me know your thoughts once you’ve used it for about a month.


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