Original KenkoLight Now 43% Off

43% Off Original Nikken KenkoLight

Nikken introduced the Original KenkoLight full-spectrum lamp in October 2010 and then a new redesign, the KenkoLight II, in October 2011.

They discontinued the orignal KenkoLight and have now reduced the price by 43%. If you have been curious about the benefits of a good full-spectrum lamp but thought they were too expensive, now is your chance.

I wish they would keep both full-spectrum lamps because they each have features that I like. I have the original KenkoLight on my desk. The arm is hinged in three places making it very flexible. You can get the light to shine just about anywhere you need it.

We have two of the original KenkoLights that we use. They have proven to be very sturdy and reliable over the two years we have had them. I was actually very surprised when Nikken brought out a new model after only a year.

The newer KenkoLight II is very nice too. It has a larger head so that it can cast light over a larger area. It also has a diffuser that softens the light and an alarm clock feature.

Check out the original KenkoLight at 43% off while it is still available.

Not sure why you would want a full-spectrum lamp? Check out this post I wrote a while back about why I like the KenkoLight.

Wayne Woodworth

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