Clean Alkaline Water is Good For You and Tastes Even Better

Clean Alkaline Water Is Good For YouI was reminded just yesterday about how good clean alkaline water tastes. I was meeting with some business partners yesterday and they asked for some water to take with them when they left because they know how important good water is. It was amazing to hear their comments about how good the water tasted.

There was nothing special about the water to begin with. It was chlorinated water from the kitchen sink. Nasty stuff really. When you put it through a good water filter to remove the chlorine and other pollution and improve the pH level it really does taste good. I take the taste for granted because it is all I drink. It is nice to be reminded every now and then about how good it really is.

Most people don’t drink enough water and I think one of the biggest reasons is that most water doesn’t taste good. Water from the tap is tainted with chlorine and other chemicals. Water from a bottle tastes like the chemicals that leach into it from the plastic. All of those chemicals are as bad for you as they taste. In most cases they are easy to remove by a good water filter.

The business partners I mentioned before are holding a training class today for some of their clients so I will be providing them with my old Nikken Aqua Pour for the day. In a week or so I will get them set up with new Nikken Waterfalls so that they have access to this great tasting water all the time.

Wayne Woodworth


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