How Much Water Do I Need?

DrinkWater-AbrahamHicksI think pretty much everyone knows that you need to drink plenty of water every day to stay hydrated, so the question now is how much?

I used to hear that we should drink 8 glasses of water every day. If a “glass” is 8 ounces, then that would be 64 ounces. I guess some people probably still recommend┬áthat. I don’t care for that answer because it doesn’t take different body types into account. Surely someone who is 7ft tall and weighs 200 pounds should need more water than someone 5ft tall and weighs only 120 pounds.

The recommendation that I like is one half ounce of water for every pound of body weight. Based on that, our friend who is 7ft tall and 200 pounds should drink 100 ounces of water and the one who is 5ft and 120 pounds should drink 60 ounces of water every day. That makes more sense to me. At rest, the taller person has more body surface area to lose water, moves a larger volume of air through their lungs, and has more body mass that needs to stay hydrated.

The next challenge is to make sure that you actually get that much water in a day. Most people are too busy and a small thing like remembering to get a drink of water regularly is often forgotten. My wife found a simple app for the iPhone to help us with that. We have been using the WaterMinder app for about a week and it has helped a lot. It sends a message every hour and a half to remind you to get a drink of water and lets you record how much you drink. The app is only for the iPhone and was free when I got it. I’m not affiliated with the developer, so if they do start charging for it, I won’t earn a commission or anything.

I have to warn you though. If you aren’t used to drinking enough water everyday and decide to start getting fully hydrated, you will find yourself running to the restroom a lot for the first few days as your body adjusts to having more water. I started a week ago and things are getting back to normal again, which means that I should start seeing some of the benefits of being hydrated again. Hopefully you will too. If you decide to start getting hydrated, leave me a comment below and share your experiences.


PS. If you are drinking more water, make it good water with a quality water filter. (I am affiliated with the water filters and this is how I feed my family).

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