Magnetic Fields in the Body and Biaxial Magnets

Magnets affect particle flows that are perpendicular to the magnetic field. By rotating a magnet on an axis, you have the potential to affect a lot more energy flow. Add another axis of rotation and you create a 360 degree magnetic field that has the ability to affect any particle flow that comes within reach of the magnetic field.

The body’s energy fields are very weak when compared to the magnets that most people are aware of, which is good because we don’t really want sharpened knives to chase us through the kitchen like in some cartoons. We do create a magnetic field though and it is detectible by very sensitive medical and scientific equipment.

We also have a lot of energy flows within the body that are generate fields in the body and are affected by other fields in the body. These fields and flows are also affected by fields that occur external to the body, such as the artificial electromagnetic fields created by electricity, TVs, and computers. We are also heavily influenced by the Earth’s magnetic field, which is also very weak.

In fact, we depend on the Earth’s magnetic field interacting with the fields and energy flows in our body. Various medical scientists have determined that some of our illnesses are in fact caused by us being isolated or insulated from the Earth’s field. For example, when we are in our homes or work places surrounded by electric current, TVs, and computers, and other devices, we are effectively blocking out the more subtle magnetic field generated by the Earth and possibly exposing ourselves to harmful EMF. They have found that this can be a cause for depression, headaches, and fatigue.

What Nikken has done is given us small magnets of varying strengths to help us recharge and stabilize our bodies. We have a choice really. We can get rid of the electric currents and electronic devices that we surround ourselves with, spend more time outside, walk or ride a bike everywhere we go, and sleep on the ground. Or we can use magnets, like the ones from Nikken, to bring the Earth’s magnetic field inside, close to the body. While I do like to camp out in the woods from time to time, I generally prefer to sleep on a comfortable bed and make use of a lot of the modern conveniences that electricity provides.

That means that I also make extensive use of the magnetic products that Nikken provides on a day to day basis. Especially my magnetic insoles, magnetic bracelet, and magnetic mattress pad. I do not like to spend much time without them.

Going back to the spinning magnet affecting flows going every which way, Nikken offers something it calls Biaxial Rotation in two products, the Body Energizer and the Palm Mag.

I was just listening to a conference call where one of the participants was talking about how they use Nikken’s Biaxial magnets very effectively with horses. One of the cool things about using something like a magnet with animals is that it immediately removes any discussion of the placebo effect. You just can’t convince an animal that something works if it doesn’t.

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Wayne Woodworth

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