Why Not Use 10,000 Gauss Magnets?

Nikken doesn’t have any products with the extremely high Gauss ratings that you can find from some other magnetic products online. I have received questions from several people who think that the stronger magnetic fields will do better for them.  I haven’t been able to give them a good answer until now because I’m not an expert on the science behind magnetism and its effects on the body.

I just know magnets work, and in the end that is really all I care about.

While not an official Nikken response, the answer comes from the man who has invented and developed several of Nikken’s magnetic products, Anthony Bove.

Basically, those high gauss magnetic fields can generate too much electricity and heat in the body.  If you want to get more into the science and all of that then you are welcome to look up things like Faraday’s Law and Lorentz Force.

More telling for me is to look at thermographic images from before and after actually using the magnets.

Wayne Woodworth
My feet are happy with magnetic insoles

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