Extend the Life of Your Nikken Air Filter

Do you have a Nikken air filter?  The replacement filters for you unit should last you for a long time, possibly up to three years, if properly taken care of.  Our first pack lasted about a year and a half and it had to put up with a lot.  We had two cats (one was long-haired), and two small kids who liked to run in and out of the house a lot.  There was a lot of dirt and cat hair that the filter had to deal with.  The replacement has lasted just as long so far.

How do you get your filters to last this long, or longer?  Vacuum it out regularly.  When you vacuum the area where you have your Nikken air filter set up, take a minute to vacuum off the pre-filter screen.  Once every month or so, unplug the unit, take the filter cartridges out and clean it out good.  I like to vaccum off each filter stage and the sides and bottom of the box where they sit.  Then make sure that you put the filter stages back in correctly before plugging it in and turning it back on.

Another key area to clean to keep your unit functioning properly is the particle senser.  When you clean your air filtration system, take a moment to vacuum out where the sensor is and wipe off any dust in that area.  If your system often kicks up to turbo and you don’t know why, the reason could be dust in and around the particle senser.  Just unplug the system and clean off this area and it should go back to working as it should.

This will help your replacement cartridges last longer and keep you Nikken air filter functioning properly for a long time.

Do you want to know more about the Nikken air filter or need to get replacement parts?  Click the links or leave me a comment.

Wayne Woodworth
Breathing clean air again.

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