The Emotion Code and the Nikken Magboy and Mag Creator

Have you heard about The Emotion Code and Dr. Bradley Nelson? He uses magnets, usually either the Magboy or the Mag Creator to release trapped emotions.

Magnets have many uses. They can help us find our way by pointing to the magnetic north pole in far northern Canada. They turn the refrigerator into a gallery for our kids’ artwork. If we spin them fast enough inside a coil of wire we can generate electricity. They also allow us to find and pick up some metal objects. We also know that magnets can help us to read the magnetic fields in our body by using a medical device like an MRI. If you are familiar with magnets like the Nikken magnets then you believe like I do that magnets can help they body heal and function better.

Magnets can help us get rid of our emotional baggage.

A year or so ago someone told me about Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book The Emotion Code and pointed me to where I could read the first 5 chapters online. The first thing I looked for was mention of the Nikken magnets, specifically the Magboy and the Mag Creator, and they are mentioned several times. I thought it was interesting but didn’t pursue it much until this past October when my customers started asking me about it.

I finally decided to order the Emotion Code bookThe Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and read it for myself. The theory is straight forward and I think it is believable, especially when you take into account the success that Dr. Nelson talks about in the book and that I have heard about from some of the other people I have talked to. The theory is that trapped emotions from earlier in our life can get trapped in the body and cause physical pain and emotional problems to develop later. They can also prevent us from achieving the things that we want to accomplish in our lives.

The process is really very simple. You use muscle testing, a technique from applied kinesiology, to question your subconscious mind about any trapped emotions that you have then use a magnet to release the emotion. He says in the book that when working on yourself you can use the Magboy to roll from your forehead over the top of your head and as far down your neck as you can easily reach. When working on someone else you can use the Mag Creator and roll it down their back. You can get the actual details of the process in the book.

In the following videos Dr. Nelson talks about trapped emotions and demonstrates how he can release them. The trapped emotion discussion starts about 3 minutes into the first video.

Click here for more information about the Nikken Magboy and Mag Creator.

Do you have experience with the Emotion Code? I would love to hear about it in a comment below.


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