Do Doctor’s Use Magnets?

Absolutely!  Doctor’s do use magnets to help the body heal.

Currently the only FDA approved magnetic devices are those that generate pulsed electromagnetic fields.  One application of this that I have read about is in healing broken bones.  If a bone doesn’t heal in 3 to 6 months they may prescribe a battery operated device that the patient has to wear to 8 to 10 hours a day.  The device generates a pulsed magnetic field that stimulates the healing process in the bone.

Research has shown that magnetic fields can be effective for soft-tissue repair too.  Studies have shown things like reduced swelling, diminished pain, faster recovery, and accelerated nerve regeneration.  That’s just a few of the benefits that science has shown.

I believe that people can get similar benefits from the right static and biaxial magnets as well.  While not FDA approved, they have shown to be very effective in helping the body and have been used for thousands of years.

Bear in mind though that not everyone will see immediate benefit from  magnets, whether pulsed or static.  But then, not everyone receives immediate benefit from medications or any other therapy either.  The great thing about magnets is that there are no side effects.  You can’t say that about drugs.

You can see the magnets that I use here.

Wayne Woodworth
I am an electromagnetic field and so are you.

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