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Is Magnetic Jewelry Safe to Wear?

You can find magnetic jewelry just about everywhere these days. You might even find some cheap magnetic jewelry at a kiosk at the mall. The first question on your mind might be, is magnetic jewelry safe to wear?

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How Do Magnetic Bracelets Help the Body?

More and more people are checking out magnets for their potential to help reduce discomfort in the body. Magnets come in a variety of forms – insoles, patches, support wraps, necklaces, and magnetic bracelets. What makes magnetic bracelets so great? … Continue reading

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Magnetic Jewelry – I Use the Products Part 2

Anytime you buy a product from someone you always wonder if they actually use the product themselves. I am an independent Nikken distributor and I do use the products myself. I decided to write this series of posts to talk … Continue reading

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Nikken Magnets Really Can Help You Sleep Better

I stumbled upon this clinical study a while back that shows how a magnetic pillow, magnetic bracelet, and magnetic insoles can help improve quality of sleep for people who suffer from insomnia. To prove it was a legitimate study I … Continue reading

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Do Magnets Improve Athletic Performance?

In his book Healing With Magnets, Dr. Null points out that magnets have been used for a long time to help horses heal and to improve performance with race horses. More recently professional athletes have been checking out the benefits … Continue reading

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Post Workout Recovery

Nikken magnets can help with post workout recovery. The Winter Olympics are going on right now in Vancouver so I thought I should write a little about how athletes use Nikken’s products, especially the magnets. The Nikken website at one … Continue reading

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