Post Workout Recovery

Nikken magnets can help with post workout recovery.

The Winter Olympics are going on right now in Vancouver so I thought I should write a little about how athletes use Nikken’s products, especially the magnets. The Nikken website at one time listed a bunch of athletes who have endorsed Nikken in the past. The list is long gone but the magnetic bracelet that Nikken designed with Shannon Miller, gold medal gymnast, is still available. I also remember seeing a picture of my one of my upline Royal Diamonds with the boxer, Evander Holyfield.

Most athletes like the Nikken magnets because they help speed recovery after a workout. I cannot make medical claims, but as a massage therapist I believe the reason that they work so well for post workout recovery is that they increase blood flow to the areas that need it. Increased blood flow will bring in fresh oxygen and nutrition to restore the muscles and flush out the lactic acid and other wastes that had built up.

For all intents and purposes, the magnets are like a sports massage that can keep going for as long as you use them.

As with anything I have written about Nikken’s products, I am not a medical doctor and do not claim that the products will help you with any particular condition. I use them and I recommend them to people based solely on my experience and other peoples’ testimonials of them.

Wayne Woodworth
Magnetic Massage Therapist

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