How Do Magnetic Bracelets Help the Body?

Kenko PowerBand Magnetic BraceletsMore and more people are checking out magnets for their potential to help reduce discomfort in the body.

Magnets come in a variety of forms – insoles, patches, support wraps, necklaces, and magnetic bracelets. What makes magnetic bracelets so great?

The wrist and forearm often get overused and strained. Wearing a magnet bracelet gets the magnets near these areas so that they can be directly affected.

I think more importantly, as far as your whole body is concerned, is that half of your body’s energy meridians run through your arm. Meridians are the energy pathways that were identified thousands of years ago in eastern medicine. Now western medical tools have been able to detect them to prove that they exist.

Magnets affect the flow of energy through meridians the same way that they affect the flow of electricity through electrical wires. Magnets are how we transform the mechanical force in a generator into electricity and then back to a mechanical force in a motor. Magnets make energy flow.

When you wear a magnetic bracelet you create a circular magnetic field around your wrist that will help to encourage the energy to flow. Once the energy is flowing it can affect the rest of your body.

Check out the magnetic bracelets that I use here. They can also be linked together to form a bigger magnetic ankle bracelet to go around your ankle, where the other half of your body’s meridians flow.

Wayne Woodworth


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  1. Solange Umo says:

    Excellent article Wayne!
    I really enjoyed reading it. You explained how the magnetic bracelets work in a way that I hadn’t heard or thought about before, and it makes so much sense.
    Thank you for this great info, I will surely remember it so that I can share it with my customers and prospects!!

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