Are You Still Paying for Bottled Water?

I was shown this article on WebMD  – Rethinking Bottled Water, How to be green on a budget.

They say that bottled water consumption peaked in 2007. People are becoming more aware that bottled water isn’t everything that it was supposed to be.

Bottled water is expensive. They figured out that bottled water can cost 240 to 10,000 times what tap or filtered water costs. Once you have paid that huge surcharge, you find out that your water isn’t really that much better than what you get through the tap.

In a lot of cases bottled water is just tap water. It can still be contaminated. The article said that a study found contaminants found in every brand tested. Things like fertilizer residue and pain medications.

Pain medications are dangerous. I don’t want them in my water, especially the water I give my kids.

The plastic bottles are hard on the environment. The statistic in the article was that 2 million tons of plastic bottles are going into landfills every year. That’s too much, especially when you paid so much for that bottle in the first place.

I recommend a good water filter. Even a cheap water filter will remove the chlorine and a lot of the larger contaminants in the water.

A really good water filter will clean the water to NSF standards, alkalize and ionize the water, and soften the water so that it once again becomes a healthy drink that supports your wellness. And these filters don’t have to cost a lot either.

I use the Nikken PiMag water filters. Their current counter top gravity water filter, the PiMag Waterfall, does all of those things and is much cheaper than buying bottled water all the time.

Wayne Woodworth

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