Nikken Magnets Really Can Help You Sleep Better

I stumbled upon this clinical study a while back that shows how a magnetic pillow, magnetic bracelet, and magnetic insoles can help improve quality of sleep for people who suffer from insomnia. To prove it was a legitimate study I searched for and found it on PubMed. You can see the abstract on PubMed here.

Click here for the full study document.

The study showed that by using a magnetic pillow, people who had trouble either getting to sleep in first place, or staying asleep for very long, could get benefit from using a magnetic pillow, and possibly even better results if they also used magnetic insoles and / or a magnetic bracelet.

It is important to note that this study was a preliminary with a small number of people and no placebo control. I am sure that any follow-up studies will address these criteria.

This study is also dated to some degree because it uses the previous versions of the Nikken pillow and magnetic bracelet. I would be very curious to see how much better the results would be if they used the current Naturest pillow with its more powerful magnets. And if they could get these results with just a pillow, insoles, and bracelet, just think what kind of results they could get with the mattress pad, or better yet, the whole magnetic sleep system.

I admit that I didn’t have any sleep issues before I started my adventure with Nikken. With my sleep system (which is a magnetic mattress pad, comforter, and pillow) I am almost asleep before my head touches the pillow. Even on nights when I have difficulty getting to sleep it is only a few minutes.

Here are links to the currently available versions of the items used in the study.

Have you tried a part of Nikken’s sleep system before? Please share your experience below.

Wayne Woodworth

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