Bergisterol, PiMag Sports Bottles and Neodymium Magnets

I watched a video recording of a Nikken meeting that was help somewhere up in Washington this weekend. During the meeting Dave Balzer explain some things about some of Nikken’s products and technologies.

How Does Bergisterol Taste?

Dave Balzer says that Bergisterol tastes like grapefuit juice with a little more kick. My first bottles of Bergisterol arrived on Thursday last week, so I have had a chance now to try it myself. I don’t think I have ever tried grapefruit juice, so I asked my wife and she agrees with Dave’s assessment. From my perspective, it is a bit bitter and it definitely has a bite, but it isn’t really too bad. Dave said that if you don’t care for the taste then you can mix it with orange juice or any other cold drink. Just don’t mix it with anything hot because the heat will start to kill off the plant sterols that give the juice its benefits.

The New Nikken PiMag Sports Bottle

Distributors are very excited about the new PiMag water bottle becoming available. It has been delayed a lot from when we first heard about it, probably more than a year ago now. On July 1st it will finally be here. He said that it holds about 26 ounces of water, or about 3/4 of a liter. It is squeeze bottle made of LDPE plastic (its reclycling number is 4) and is BPA free. The plastic is also bio-green so that it is biodegradable if it ends up in a landfill.

Unlike in the old bottle, the filter cartridge in the new bottle is replaceable as is the spout. The bottle will come with 2 filter cartridges and 2 spouts and Dave said that they are each good for about 40 gallons of water, or about 200 refills. He said that the filter is specified to alter the pH of the water to between 8.5 and9.5 pH depending on the source water and the filter also reduces the water’s redox potential by about 200 mV giving the water the ability to act more like an antioxidant when you drink it.

The filtration also meets NSF 42 and NSF 53 standards.

Why Neodymium Magnets in the Sleep System?

I learned something interesting about why Nikken used neodymium magnets in the RAM (radial axis magnet) disks in the Naturest mattress toppers. To create the RAM disks they force 6 magnets into a confined space with their poles oriented in 6 different directions. Dave Balzer said that they they used something like iron magnets then in a fairly short period of time they would begin to accommodate each other and their poles would move until they all pointed in the same direction. By using neodymium magnets they prevent this. He said that in 100 years their poles will not have moved, so the effectiveness of the RAM technology in the Naturest pads will remain constant for the lifetime of the pad.

Why are the KenkoTherm Wraps So Effective?

I’ll be honest. I tend to not think much about the KenkoTherm wraps that Nikken offers. I have more respect for them now though. There are four things that you want to do for a muscle injury. You want to apply compression to help stabilize the area. The elastic nature of the wrap will do that quite nicely. The second thing is to increase blood flow to the area so that the body can get the resources to the area to repair the damage. The third factor is also handled by increased blood flow and that is to get the toxins and waste products out of the area.

The fourth factor is acceleration, that is to accelerate the body’s healing ability. Again, this is done through heat. The special fibers in the wraps absorbs body heat, sunlight, and any other energy and reflects it back out so that it can penetrate into the area and warm it. It’s kind of like turning on your Bunsen burner beneath your beaker in chemistry. Heat speeds up chemical reactions, and in this case those chemical reactions are the ones that heal the body.

So that’s everything I learned by watching Dave Balzer this morning. I hope you found it helpful.

Wayne Woodworth

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