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Why Sunlight is Good For You

Some companies have worked very hard to make you believe that sunlight is dangerous to your health. They talk about sunburns and skin cancer and a bunch of other things to scare you into staying indoors or buying their toxic … Continue reading

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What Your Body Needs Everyday – Building Materials

I started a new post last week about what your body needs everyday. I said that your body needs energy, materials for building and repairing, and alternating periods of activity and rest. In the first part, I talked about your … Continue reading

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How to Keep Strong Bones

Last week I wrote a post about lactoferrin, a protein that does many things in the body including helping maintain healthy bones. Donna Merrill, one of the bloggers that I follow regularly, said that the bone benefit was what appealed … Continue reading

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Vitamin D for Strong Bones

I have two articles to share today on Vitamin D. The first one comes from the Los Angeles Times – Vitamin D linked to stronger bones in girls. There was a study of 6,721 girls between 9 and 15 years … Continue reading

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Milk Doesn’t Help with Osteoporosis

If you have a calcium deficiency, such as osteoporosis, the natural thing to do is drink more milk, right? It turns out that drinking milk may actually cause more harm. One thing that the body uses calcium for is to … Continue reading

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