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Lactoferrin Benefits for Osteoporosis

Nikken’s OsteoDenx supplement contains lactoferrin and the Bone Health Pack that includes OsteoDenx also includes Nikken’s stand-alone Lactoferrin 2.0 supplement. Nikken must believe there is some benefit, so what are the lactoferrin benefits for osteoporosis? Your bones are a like a … Continue reading

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How to Keep Strong Bones

Last week I wrote a post about lactoferrin, a protein that does many things in the body including helping maintain healthy bones. Donna Merrill, one of the bloggers that I follow regularly, said that the bone benefit was what appealed … Continue reading

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Lactoferrin: What Is It? What Does It Do? Where Do You Get It?

I’m amazed by all of the questions that I see asking about lactoferrin. What is lactoferrin? What is lactoferrin for? What are the benefits of taking lactoferrin? Is lactoferrin good for you? Where do you get lactoferrin? I’m going to … Continue reading

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Nikken Nutritional Supplements at 25% Off

For the past few months Nikken has been making changes to make it easier (less expensive) for people to get their products. Nikken has amazing products that have helped people feel and function better for many years. The barrier for many … Continue reading

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New Cautions About Long-Term Use of Bone Drugs

I found a link to this article in the New York Times about osteoporosis drugs posted a couple of days ago on Facebook. To summarize what I got out of the article: Women with low bone density get significant benefit … Continue reading

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Are You Acidic? And Why Should You Care?

Acidity is a big problem that causes even bigger problems.  So, do you have problems with acidity?  A lot of people do. Before I get in too deep, I have to say here that I am not a doctor.  I … Continue reading

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