Nikken Nutritional Supplements at 25% Off

A Nikken autoship order will save you 25% every month on your Nikken nutritional supplementsFor the past few months Nikken has been making changes to make it easier (less expensive) for people to get their products. Nikken has amazing products that have helped people feel and function better for many years. The barrier for many people has been the price. In my previous post I wrote about how Nikken has lowered their prices making it easier for people who have never experienced the benefits of magnets to get one of the magnetic devices and see how well they work. Read more about how Wellness Magnets Just Became Affordable.

This time I want to talk about the Nikken nutritional supplements. Like the magnets, the price of most of the nutritional supplements has come down. The less expensive ones stayed the same, the moderately priced ones came down a little, and the most expensive ones came down a lot. There is one case where the price actually went up. That was on Bergisterol, the one supplement that I make certain to have every day. Still, when I add up the total of the supplements that I use, the total is much lower than it was before the price change.

The Nikken Autoship Program

The lower prices are great but Nikken has taken another step to make it even easier for people who want to continue ordering the nutritional supplements, and the True Elements skin care products as well, on a regular basis. Nikken has created a new autoship program just for customers that allows you to get your Kenzen nutritional supplements and True Elements skin care products at a 25% discount.

An autoship is a standing order that will automatically ship to you on a regular basis, usually monthly. An autoship program offers convenience because you don’t have to remember to place your regular order every month. Nikken lets you set your autoship order to ship either monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or semiannually, that is every 1, 2, 3 or 6 months. Nikken also lets you manage your autoship yourself by logging into your account through their website. They allow you to add or remove items, change the shipping frequency, or delete it if you no longer want to receive it.

Nikken Meal Replacement Protein Shake MixAs I said above, Nikken gives you a 25% discount on the nutritional supplements and skin care products when you add them to your autoship order. Add that discount to the price reduction from last November and you have some great deals on your nutritional supplements. Take a look at the Vital Balance Meal Replacement shake mix. Last fall it cost $115 for a one month supply. After the price change the regular price is $75, already a savings of $40. If you order it on an autoship order, the shake mix is only $56.25. That’s just over 50% off the original price.

That’s the most extreme example, so let’s also look at the Jade GreenZymes barley grass powder. Back in October, a jar of the powder cost $49. The regular price now is $35. On an autoship order, the Jade GreenZymes jar is only $26.25.

Reduce Your Shipping Cost and Other Benefits

You can save some additional money in some cases by cutting your shipping expenses if you double up or triple your Nikken autoship order and only ship every second or third month. Nikken’s minimum shipping fee is currently $9.50 and you can order almost four pounds of product without the shipping charge going up at all. Most of the nutritional supplements don’t weigh very much, so if you order two or three months of product and only ship every other or every third month you will save on the months that don’t ship separately.

For example, let’s say you are going to place an autoship order for Nikken’s bone health supplements – OsteoDenx and Calcium Complex. Together they weigh just under half a pound. If you order one of each and have it ship every month you will pay the $9.50 shipping fee each month. Instead, if you order three of each and have it ship quarterly you will still only pay $9.50 shipping for the order and only pay it once every 3 months, saving you $19 in shipping. Note that some of the nutritional supplements are also available in packs, like the Bone Health Pack that includes OsteoDenx and Calcium Complex. The packs do not have the 25% discount. Add the individual items to your autoship to get the savings.

Nikken also allow you to add other items, most of the magnets and the filter replacement parts for example, to your autoship order without the 25% discount. While this doesn’t save you on the price of the additional items it will usually save you on some of the shipping cost by not having to place a separate order. This is ideal for people who also have any of the air or water filters. They can add the filter components to their Nikken autoship order before they need the parts and then remove them from the order afterwards. You can do the same for any other items that you may want from time to time.

You can find out more about how to set up your Nikken autoship here.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

I am an independent Nikken distributor and I may earn a commission if you place an order through any of the links on this website. The Nikken products are only available through independent distributors like me. The product prices and shipping costs that I mention in this post are for the US as of February 2016. Nikken may change them at any time with out notice.

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