They’re Back, Saved By the New Low Prices

There have been a lot of changes at Nikken in the past few monthsIn December I wrote a post about some of the recent changes at Nikken – new products, lower prices, and a few discontinued items. I was really surprised when I saw the items that were discontinued last November, especially three of them – the KenkoAir Purifier, the KenkoLight and the MagCreator. Two of them represented the closing out of two whole product categories. I’m glad to see that those decisions all appear to have been reversed. They have all been saved by the new lower prices.

When Nikken discontinues a product they move the item to a different location on their web store and sometimes lower the price to clear out the inventory faster. Well, Nikken lowered the prices on just about everything last fall to make it easier for customers to get the items they want, so the lower prices on the discontinued items fit in with that already. The KenkoAir Purifier air filter and the KenkoLight full-spectrum lamp both sold out almost immediately, and then in December Nikken restocked them. That’s not what you do with a discontinued item. Now they have both moved back to their regular locations in the store and have kept their lower prices.

The MagCreator stayed on the discontinued list throughout the whole time, and I was very surprised because it was selling very well at the lower price for me and a few other distributors that I talked to. Finally, Nikken has moved it back to its regular location in the store, so it looks like all three of the big discontinued items have survived, and I’m excited about that. Now that they are back, let me tell you more about them in case you are not already familiar with them.

KenkoAir Purifier

The Kenko Air Purifer is a multistage air filter with ULPA technology for superior air filtrationThe KenkoAir Purifier is Nikken’s latest air filtration system. It is a multistage air filter, including an ULPA filtration stage. ULPA stands for ultra low penetration air filter and is significantly more effective than the standard HEPA filtration technology, so nothing can clean the air as thoroughly as this Nikken air filter.

Prior to November, the KenkoAir Purifier sold for almost $600, which was a good bit less expensive than its predecessor, the Air Wellness Power 5 Pro. When they discontinued it, Nikken dropped the price to $399 and are keeping it at that price now that it has been reinstated. You can find out more about the KenkoAir Purifier on my website.


Nikken KenkoLight full-spectrum desk lampI remember when Nikken brought out the first KenkoLight several years ago. I hadn’t heard much about the benefits of full-spectrum light, Seasonal Effective Disorder, or any of those other things. It was just interesting to me that Nikken was introducing an LED full-spectrum desk lamp. It sounded cool. Then I started to hear about the benefits, especially to those of us who spend way to much indoors out of natural sunlight. It turns out that we really do need sunlight to stay healthy. I bought two of those KenkoLights. What I like most is that I can see better by that light than my any other light except for natural sunlight itself.

Nikken upgraded the KenkoLight after just one year. The current KenkoLight has a bigger light fixture on it so that it casts light over a larger area, which is very nice. It also has a diffuser built into the upright portion of the lamp so that you can fold the light itself down into it and create a soft glow. My Mom recently bought one to use while she works on her sewing and quilting. She told me that she absolutely loves it. She also loves that she saved a little over $100 by buying it now. It used to be almost $250. You can see the KenkoLight here.


Nikken MagCreator magnetic massage rollerThe MagCreator was one of the items that attracted me to Nikken in the first place. I am trained as a massage therapist and people really enjoyed the feeling of this magnetic roller running up and down their back. It is very relaxing, even when done by small children.

In my view, most of what the MagCreator does for you has to do with the energy channels that run up and down the spine and the small erector muscles that support the spine. First, the MagCreator is rather heavy. Just its weight alone puts some nice pressure on the muscles along the spine as you roll it over them. Second, there are a lot of energy channels in and along the spine. You have the spinal cord itself carrying its nerve impulses and you have several energy meridians, including the governing vessel itself, that run along either side. The magnets in the MagCreator affect them all.

Like the other items I have already talked about, the MagCreator was discontinued and its price was lowered. It started selling like crazy. Now Nikken has moved it back to its regular place in the catalog and online store, still at the lower price. It was almost $200 and now it is well under $100. You can learn more about the MagCreator here.

It is an exciting time at Nikken as they have been making changes to be more customer focused (lower prices, autoship with 25% off on nutritional supplements and skin care). If you haven’t taken a look at Nikken in awhile because they were too expensive, then I invite you to take another look now. You will be amazed.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

I am not a medical doctor and I make no claims that these devices will treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any kind of medical condition. If you have an issue, see your doctor. I am an independent Nikken distributor and I may earn a commission if you order items through any of the links on this website. Nikken products are only available through independent distributors like me.

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