Magnetic Insoles and Jewelry Balance Energy

Have you used magnetic insoles, magnetic jewelry, or any other magnetic products?

Most of the people I have talked to use them to take care of a particular condition, which I think is great.  As a massage therapist, I recommend Nikken magnetic products to my clients to help with sore muscles and to promote relaxation.  Did you know that they can be a great preventative too?

The Earth’s magnetic field is not uniform.  It varies from one place to another so that one place can have a positive magnetic field and others, not even too far way, can have a negative field or a neutral field.  The earth’s magnetic field shifts constantly as well.  NASA has reported that the magnetic north pole moves every year and reverses on average every 300,000 years.

Nikken’s magnetic products are static earth magnets that can help balance the magnetic field that you are immersed in every day.  It is my belief that staying in this supportive magnetic field can help prevent a lot of the every day issues that we all face, things like fatigue, lack of energy, mild discomfort, and other similar issues.

Sleeping on a magnetic sleep system, like Nikken’s Ultra Kenko Pad or KenkoAir mattress, magnetic comforter, and magnetic pillow will help balance your energy while you are sleeping and allow your body to make the best use of the few hours it has to energize and restore itself.

Wayne Woodworth
Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant
Magnetic Insole Wearer

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant and massage therapist. None of my statements have been approved by either Nikken or the FDA. I do not diagnose conditions and I do not prescribe any product to treat a particular condition.

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