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A leading authority on sleep, Dr. William C. Dement, said that “sleep is the most important factor in determing longevity. Sleep is more important for living a long life than the food you eat, the amount of exercise you get, or any genetic tendencies that you may have acquired from your parents.”

Quality sleep is a necessity for maintaining good health. Sleep is when our body can finally relax so that it can metabolize the nutrition we take in, eliminate fat and waste, repair and energize the body, and convert short-term memory to long-term memory among many other processes.

What’s New in the Nikken Sleep System

Kenko Naturest PillowcaseNEW 7/10/2014 – Nikken has introduced the new Kenko Naturest Pillowcase. Far-infrared and negative ion technologies (no magnets) in a machine-washable pillow case.

What is a Magnetic Sleep System?

To me, the term “sleep system” sounds kind of scary, but the Nikken sleep system is not. It is a magnetic mattress topper, magnetic and far-infrared comforter and a magnetic pillow. Not scary at all. In fact, it’s the best night’s sleep that I have ever had, and continue to have. Add in the Nikken sleep mask and the new pillowcase and you’re all set.

Nikken’s magnetic sleep items aren’t just magnetic. Together they include all three of Nikken’s core technologies – magnets, far-infrared fibers, and negative ions.

The magnetic mattress pad (topper) contains magnets in the area where you lay to help you relax into a deeper sleep where the body’s processes can run the most efficiently. The magnetic pillow adds the magnets behind your head. Finally, the comforter puts magnets over you to complete the magnetic cocoon and also brings in the far-infrared and negative ions to help regulate your temperature and further relax.

Nikken’s sleep packs bring all three components together – the magnetic mattress pad, magnetic pillow, and magnetic/far-infrared/negative ion comforter, for a 10% savings compared to the prices of the individual components.

Check out the testimonials for the Nikken magnetic sleep system.

Nikken’s Sleep Brochure

Sleep Problems Hold You Back

Yet, it’s sleep that we short ourselves on. If we feel that we have something important to do we will deprive ourselves of that sleep and tell ourselves that we will catch back up later. You know that there is no catching back up on sleep.

Then there are the people who don’t sleep well for whatever reason. There are a lot of sleep problems that doctors have put labels on, like sleep apnea and wrestless leg syndrome. Whatever the problem is, we need to figure out what we need to get that quality sleep.

Obviously I’m not going to tell you that a Nikken sleep system will fix all of your sleep problems and I definitely can’t say that it will cure sleep apnea, wrestless leg syndrome, or any other condition that people may have. Those are medical claims reserved for doctors, and I’m not a doctor.

What I will say about a magnetic sleep system is that I have never slept better than I do on mine. When I lay down I fall asleep. That’s all there is to it. I don’t toss and turn looking for a comfortable spot and I generally wake up pretty close to where I started the night. I like it and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

A Great Night Sleep is Essential to Your Health

As you know, when you repeatedly don’t get enough sleep on you are tired and irritable. You can’t think clearly and don’t function well. Sleep is also the time when your brain turns short-term memories into long-term ones. Kids aren’t going to do well in school if they don’t get the sleep their brains need to digest what they have studied. Sleep time is when your body makes use of the nutrition that you take in during the day to replenish your body and repair the damage caused by the day’s activities. It is also the best time for your immune system to boost its efforts to get rid of viruses and bacteria to keep you from getting sick.

See what people are saying about the Nikken Sleep Systems.


As an independent Nikken wellness consultant I do not represent or speak for Nikken. The contents of this website represent my opinions based on my use of my Nikken magnetic sleep system. None of these statements have been reviewed or approved by the FDA or Nikken. I am a massage therapist and therefore unable to diagnose, treat, or prescribe a Nikken sleep system for specific conditions.

6 Responses to Why Do You Want to Sleep on a Magnetic Sleep System

  1. Suzanne says:

    How long do the magnetic mattresses last? I bought one for my mother quite a few years ago and I do not recall how long they are manufactured to last. We were wondering recently and saw your website so I thought I would check.
    Thank you!

    • Ben says:

      Hi Suzanne. Nikken uses permanent magnets so they will keep their charge for many years. The materials (cloth, foam and stitching) will give out first, so as long as they hold together I would keep using it.

  2. Maureen Arnold says:

    I have borrowed a Nikken magnetic mattress Is there a correct side or top/bottom to receive the b est benefits from laying/sleeping on it Is there a time limit daily I am in bed a lot and really want the most from it Thank you

  3. Annette Morgan says:

    I am looking for an electo magnetic system for back pain.
    do you have any such thing available or know where i can get such.

    • Hi Annette. I’m guessing that you saw that magnetic therapy episode of Dr. Oz earlier this week. Short answer: no, Nikken doesn’t offer any electromagnetic devices.

      Long answer: I would want to know a lot more about the devices before I spent that much money because it is my understanding that the electrical component of electromagnetic fields can be harmful over extended periods of time. Nikken’s products produce pure magnetic fields without any electrical radiation, can be used continuously, and don’t cost anywhere near as much.

      If you would like to try some of Nikken’s magnets I would be happy to send you some samples. If you are going to feel any effect, it won’t take 3 weeks like they said on that show.

      Just to be clear, I am not a doctor and do not make any medical claims. Nikken’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. My recommendation is that you thoroughly investigate any product before you part with your money.

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