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Nikken Jewelry - Magnetic Necklaces and Nikken Triphase Magnetic Bracelets
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Magnetic jewelry is an easy way to get experience with using Nikken magnets. The very first magnetic item that I used myself was a magnetic necklace, an earlier version of the current Kenko Perfect Link Necklace, that I borrowed from the person who introduced me to Nikken, and I loved it. Now I wear a PowerBand bracelet and necklace.

I have tried some of Nikken’s previous magnetic necklaces and magnetic bracelets. The Powerbands are by far the best for technology and durability. I had small children, babies actually, at the time and the jewelry and sports bands didn’t hold up well to their pulling. The PowerBands are awesome.

What’s new in Nikken Magnetic Jewelry

The gold Perfect Link II magnetic necklaceNEW 11/2016 Nikken has introduced the Perfect Link II magnetic necklace in gold. Fine craftsmanship, exclusive styling and advanced magnetic technology that creates a personal environment that replicates Nature—these make up the Perfect Link II, in gold—with high quality plating after two years of testing by Nikken!

Nikken has discontinued the Ambassador Magnetic WatchNEW 4/2016 Time has run out for Nikken’s Ambassador Watch. They have reduced the price by 50% while supplies last. All sales are final. Nikken does not accept returns on discontinued items.

Nikken has discontinued all of the PowerBand bracelet colors EXCEPT blackUPDATE 4/2016 Nikken has discontinued all of the colored PowerBand bracelets EXCEPT black. Nikken green is still available in the regular (smaller) size and neon green is available in the larger size. Once they are sold out, all that will be available is black, which is what most people want anyway. Note that all sales are final on discontinued products. Nikken will not accept any returns.

Nikken has discontinued all of the PowerBand necklace colors EXCEPT blackNEW 11/2015 Nikken has discontinued all of the colored PowerBand necklaces EXCEPT black. All that remains is yellow. Once they are sold out, all that will be available is black. Note that all sales are final on discontinued products. Nikken will not accept any returns.

Kenko PowerBands

I really like the PowerBands. They are more durable because they are silicone wrapped in nylon and they are available in a variety of colors. I’m partial to green, so the Nikken green PowerBand is perfect for me.

I will warn you right now. The yellow and neon green are light colors and will show dirt very easily. If you are an active person and will be using them while playing sports or doing other things like that then you will probably be happier with one of the darker colors – black, blue, maybe the Nikken green or red.

Nikken PowerBand Bracelets and Necklaces incorporate magnetic, far-infrared and negative ion technologies into a durable sport band.

The Nikken PowerBand™ has TriPhase® Technology — a Nikken innovation that combines magnetic components with far-infrared energy and negative ions. Nikken Kenko™ Magnetic Technology employs a spaced array of magnets inspired by Earth’s magnetic field. Nikken Far-Infrared Technology reflects energy in the far-infrared portion of the spectrum, for a gentle warming effect. Negative-Ion Technology releases the type of negative ions that are present in natural settings such as forests or near waterfalls, and provide a tranquil, relaxed feeling.

The Kenko PowerBand™ has a composite core of tourmaline and silicone that is soft and comfortable yet holds up to wear.The unique clasp that unites each PowerBand™ also allows you to connect them in multiples, to create a wristband, necklace or belt of any length.

Nikken Necklaces

As I said at the top of this page, a Nikken necklace was the first magnetic item I had ever used on myself, and I am still using one. I’ve already talked about the PowerBands and they are what I promote the strongest. Nikken does still have metal magnetic necklaces.

The Kenko Perfect Link II magnetic necklace is the decedent of the first Nikken necklace that I used. It is a simple stainless steel magnetic necklace that works great for any occasion.

Will they hurt my computer?

One thing that people often ask me is if the magnets in the Nikken jewelry will harm their laptop computer. I have not had any problems with that in the 4 years that I have used the product, and I used to work as a web developer on computers all day long. Actually, I am wearing my bracelet right now as I type this on my laptop. The only devices that I have personally seen cause problems are the Biaxial Body Energizer and the PiMag Optimizer II, which create a much stronger magnetic field.

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As an independent Nikken wellness consultant I do not represent or speak for Nikken. The contents of this website represents my opinion based on my use of the Nikken necklace and PowerBands. None of these statements have been reviewed or approved by the FDA. I am a massage therapist and do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe specific products for specific conditions. With that said, I don’t leave home without my Nikken jewelry.

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  1. Marika says:

    I have Cervical Dystonia and your mini magnets were recommended by my physical therapist. Do your new ones need to be charged or run on a battery? marika

    • Hi Marika. If your doctor recommended the Kenko Mini then you will want the Kenko PowerChip. The PowerChip is the replacement for the Mini and is a better magnet. They are static magnets so they don’t require a charge or any electricity. Just put them where you want them and using some first-aid tape to hold them in place. The Kenko PowerChip is here.

  2. ROBERT ORTH says:


    • On Monday through Friday if your order is placed early enough it will usually ship the same day. Otherwise, it will probably ship the next business day. Beyond that the time depends on the shipping option that you choose.

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