My Nikken Magnetic Mattress Pad

My first experience with Nikken was with the Ultra Kenko Pad. A massage therapist friend invited me to a Wellness Home Preview and we were allowed to borrow the magnetic mattress pad for a week to see what we thought of it. The short version of the story is that we ended up joining Nikken and highly recommend both the product and the business.

We put the magnetic pad on our bed and covered it over with the sheet and settled in for the night under the magnetic comforter. Nobody told us to put our regular mattress pad over it too. I wish they had because my first thought was that I was lying on a rock. Firmness aside, I slept better than I had in years. With the combination of the magnets and everything else, the bed just felt right.

Since we joined, Nikken has introduced the Kenko Air mattress which is an air mattress, similar to those number beds, with the Ultra Kenko Pad on top of it.  I tried one out once and it is very nice. You can control the firmness of each side of the bed independently. We don’t have one yet because our existing mattress is in great shape and there is no need to upgrade yet.

Wayne Woodworth
Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant
Magnetic sleeper

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant and massage therapist. None of my statements have been approved by either Nikken or the FDA. I do not diagnose conditions and I do not prescribe any product to treat a particular condition. These are my opinions based on my experience with the Nikken sleep system.

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