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What Is Earthing

I mentioned Earthing a couple times in my past few posts, and I thought I should explain it a little bit more. So, what is Earthing? I firstĀ learnedĀ about it several years ago from something that David Wolfe promoted. It made … Continue reading

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Are Magnets Just a Placebo?

This is a question that I get a lot. You might think that I would get tired of it eventually, but I don’t. I really love this question because there is so much tied up in it. What is a … Continue reading

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Can Magnets Help Fibromyalgia?

I was asked yesterday if magnets can help with fibromyalgia.  I would like to be able to just say “yes” and move on, but that would be irresponsible and get me in a whole bunch of trouble with the FDA, … Continue reading

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