New Nikken Products and Significantly Lower Prices

Celebrating new products and lower pricesA lot of changes came from Nikken in November just in time for the holidays. There are new products, old ones discontinued and lower prices on almost everything in Nikken’s catalog. I’m going to summarize all of these changes here so that you know what’s going on.

New and Updated

Nikken Milana magnetic necklace and magnetic earringsFirst, Nikken has introduced some new items, re-introduced a couple seasonal items and updated a few current ones. Brand new to Nikken is the Milana magnetic necklace and magnetic earrings. Both pieces feature Czech crystals in a pavĂ© setting and contain 400 – 600 gauss neodymium magnets. There are two necklaces, one with a 21 inch chain and the other with an 18 inch cord. Both contain the 600 gauss magnet in the pendant with the Czech crystal. The earrings each have a Czech crystal and a 600 gauss magnet in the earring itself and a 400 gauss magnet in the backing. The Milana necklaces and earrings are each available individually or as a set at special price.

True Elements marine organic skincare from NikkenNikken has a new line of True Elements organic skincare. Well, new to the US and Canada because I think it has been available in Europe for a little while. Nikken’s True Elements Marine Organic skincare uses seaweed varieties to make skincare products that are abundant in natural minerals that are easily absorbed by your skin. The line includes face cream, nutritional mask, tonic lotion, shower gel, cleansing milk, youth activ serum and youth activ eye serum. You can find out more about the Nikken skincare here.

Nikken ThermoWear long underwearThere were two items seasonal items that came out during the first half of this year, and were very popular. The first, last February, was the Kenko ThermoWear long underwear, or long johns. People have been begging for these since Nikken’s original long johns were discontinued several years ago. The new long underwear quickly sold out and Nikken promised they would be back in the fall. They are back now, again, for a limited time. The special fibers in this long underwear absorb your body heat and other ambient energy and reflect it back to the body as energy that gently heats from the inside out. This means that Kenko ThermoWear can keep you perfectly warm without being bulky or heavy.

The second seasonal item available again is the KenkoTherm Cocoon that was available for a brief time last summer. The Cocoon is a magnetic sleeping bag – essentially the entire Nikken sleep system in a highly portable package. They call it the Cocoon because it cocoons you in a magnetic field to help you stay comfortable, relax and recharge while you sleep. The KenkoTherm Cocoon is also only available for a limited time.

Nikken Naturest Magnetic PillowNikken’s sleep system also has a couple of upgrades. The magnets in the Naturest magnetic mattress toppers have been upgraded to the same DynaFlux magnetic technology that was originally introduced in the Kenko PowerChip a few years ago and is also now products such as the mSteps magnetic insoles and the Kenko MagFlex among others. Everything else is essentially the same with the toppers. The other upgraded product, a complete redesign really, is the Naturest magnetic pillow. The magnets in the pillow have been upgraded to the DynaFlux magnets like the topper. They have also changed the form of the latex filling inside. It now has rolled latex so that it keeps its shape better and makes less of a mess if you remove some filling to soften it. The neck support is also attached to the bottom of the pillow so that it can provide better support. Check out the Naturest topper and pillow here.

Discontinued Items

Nikken discontinued several items in November and most of them are still available at heavily discounted prices.

Nikken MagCreator magnetic massage rollerThe MagCreator has been around for a long time, originally as “just” a weighted roller, then as a magnetic roller. I was surprised when I saw this discontinued because I always saw it as one of Nikken’s most impressive items and essential for anyone who wanted to work the Nikken business. It is still available as of right now but I expect it to go fast. Check out the MagCreator and its great price before they are gone for good.

Nikken PowerBand magnetic sports braceletsFrom the magnetic jewelry Nikken has discontinued all of the PowerBand colors except for black. Some of the other colors have not sold out yet and are still available. The PowerBands incorporate Nikken’s core technologies in the three magnetic beads on the band and special fibers inside the band. The technologies work together to help relax and energize your body. Black PowerBand necklaces and bracelets will continue to be available. Check out my magnetic jewelry page to find out more about the PowerBands.

Nikken KenkoLight full-spectrum desk lampNikken has discontinued the KenkoLight. The KenkoLight is a full-spectrum desk lamp, and more than just full-spectrum, it more closely approximates the light frequencies of natural sunlight. A lot of full-spectrum lights and bulbs contain the full-spectrum of colors, but they don’t have the same balance of frequencies as natural sunlight, which affects how your body responds to the light. Aside from all of the other health benefits, natural light is the best light to see by. Everything is clearer and easier to read, even small print. When I read, if I can’t get natural sunlight then I use one of my KenkoLights. The discounted price of the KenkoLight is amazing. Don’t miss out.

With the arrival of the new True Elements Marine skincare we say goodbye to its predecessor, the True Elements Swiss skincare. The first True Elements line was Nikken’s first certified organic skincare and all of the items are still in stock as of right now.

Finally, Nikken has also discontinued the KenkoAir Purifier air filter and essentially pulled out of the air filtration market, at least for now. The KenkoAir Purifier was Nikken’s third full-size air filter in the past 10 years and the first of them to use ULPA air filtration technology. It filtered well enough to be FDA-approved as a medical device for those with allergies or asthma. Unfortunately, it sold out very quick once it was discontinued and is no longer available. Nikken does still have the Air Wellness Traveler, a portable air filter that works very well. It has been discontinued too and Nikken is offering them buy one get one free.

Lower Prices on Almost Everything

Nikken has lowered the prices on most of their products.The last piece of news, and probably the biggest, is that Nikken has reduced the prices on most of their products. In some cases the price drops are significant. There are a lot of people who have been interested in the products over the years but didn’t try them, or stopped using them, because of the price. This challenge has been fixed. Many of my favorite items now have lower retail prices than the original wholesale prices that I paid for them.

Here are some of my favorites with both their old and new prices.

Some of the less expensive nutritional supplements and the replacement parts for the air and water filters stayed the same price as they were before. There is one item I found that went up a little bit in price, Kenzen Bergisterol. It was $50 and is now $65 after the price change. I was a little disappointed with this increase because this is the one thing that I drink absolutely every night before I go to bed, but one $15 increase among all of the price decreases is still a huge win for the wallet.

Is there anything from Nikken that you have wanted to try but haven’t because of the price? Let me know in a comment below, then check out the new price.


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