I Finally Decided to Buy A MagDuo

First there was the Magboy, then there was the MagDuo. Why did I decide to order a MagDuo when I have two Magboys?

I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile, so I finally ordered a MagDuo from Nikken and it arrived yesterday.

What is a MagDuo?

The first thing you are probably wondering about is “what the heck is a MagDuo?” Simply put, it is two magnetic balls mounted in a case so that it works like a small magnetic roller. It works great to give yourself a quick magnetic self-massage wherever and whenever you need it.

The MagDuo is exceptionally good for dealing with discomfort in the hands and forearms when working on yourself. When working on someone else, it works very well for dealing with tension in the shoulders and neck. I used to do some work as a massage therapist and I would keep the MagDuo’s predecessor, the Magboy on hand for that kind of work.

There is also an emotional release technique, the Emotion Code, that uses magnets to release emotions trapped in the body’s energetic system. The MagDuo, as was the Magboy before it, is ideal for rolling over your scalp to perform this practice.

Why Did I Wait So Long to Get a MagDuo?

The MagDuo has been available for a few years. If the MagDuo is so great they why did I wait so long to buy one?

The MagDuo came about as a replacement to the Magboy, Nikken’s original magnetic massage balls. Along with the Magsteps magnetic insoles, the Magboy was a Nikken icon. I have both a regular Magboy and the special edition golden Magboy (not real gold but it is sharp looking). I used my regular Magboy for massage and the gold one for Emotion Code work.

The thing with a lot of Nikken’s products is that they last a very long time. My first pair of Magsteps lasted more than five years (definitely longer than the shoes they have been in). My magnetic mattress topper is more than nine years old. It’s probably time to replace it just because it is bedding but it is hard to feel the need to replace something that works very well and is still in great shape. As for my Magboys, well let’s face it, solid magnetic balls don’t wear out very fast.

So Why Did I Decide to Order my MagDuo?

One reason that I decided to get a MagDuo is because the magnetic technology is much better than in the older magnets. A few years ago Nikken decided to figure out a way to improve many of their magnetic products. A single static magnet produces a uniform magnetic field that doesn’t extend very far from the surface of the magnet. This works great as long as your discomfort is at or just under the surface of the skin.

DynaFlux magnetic technology puts magnetic poles in opposition to create a magnetic field that extends farther from the magnet surface.

It turns out that if you force like poles together (south to south or north to north) that they can produce a field that reaches much farther from the surface of the magnets. They figured out how to hold the magnets together in this configuration and called it DynaFlux. The first new magnet to use the DynaFlux magnetic technology is the Kenko PowerChip, a great magnet. The magnetic fields from these magnets reach much father from the surface of the magnet to affect change deeper into your body without having the increase the strength of the magnets.

The next step was to make use of the DynaFlux magnetic technology in Nikken’s other magnetic products, which they did with the mSteps and mStrides insoles, the MagFlex, PowerMinis and, of course, the MagDuo. I am very curious to see if I notice a difference between the Magboy and the MagDuo because a spinning magnet already throws the magnetic field much farther than a stationary magnet.

The second reason for me to get the MagDuo is because I am a distributor, so I need to have knowledge of the products that I promote. I don’t believe in selling something that I haven’t tried out myself and found useful. Anyone who sells something should be someone who also uses the product, and I do.

I would love to hear your comments. Please leave a comment below. Click to learn more about, or order, your own MagDuo (if you are in the US or Canada). Leave me a comment if you are in another country and we’ll figure out how you can get one.

Disclaimer & Disclosure

I am not a doctor and I do not make any kind of medical claim that the Nikken products, magnets in this case, can cure, prevent, treat or diagnose any kind of disease. If you have a condition that requires medical care, please see a qualified healthcare practitioner. I am an independent Nikken distributor and may earn a commission if you place an order through any of the links on this page. Nikken’s products are only through independent distributors.

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6 Responses to I Finally Decided to Buy A MagDuo

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Ben, have you found that there is a significant difference in the way you feel using Magduo vs. Magboy? I am considering purchase of one or the other and going back & forth.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Sarah. I haven’t felt any significant difference between the two when using it for discomfort, like on an arm or the shoulders. The Magboys are better for massage only because you can apply more pressure with them. The MagDuo feels stronger when I use it for purely energy-based work, like the Emotion Code or something where it is more about the magnetic energy.

  2. Natalia Khon says:

    Very interesting info! I have never heard of the magnetic massage before. I should show this to my husband, he might get interested in it for his back.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Natalia. Magnetic massage is great for relaxing tight muscles, especially like the ones in the back and shoulders. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Antoinette says:

    Very interesting. I would love to have one of these on my desk at work.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Antoinette. My new MagDuo is sitting here where I work most of the day. Sometimes when I’m doing homeschool work with one of my kids they will pick it up and start rolling it on my back. While they should be focusing on the work, it’s hard to tell them to stop because it feels very good. Thanks for the comment.

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