Health Care – Should the Government Be Involved?

You’ve heard all the noise in the news about the government’s proposed health care plan.  I even received an automated phone survey from one of our congressmen to get my input on it. The survey also asked questions about taxing the wealthy, which I discuss on another blog. This is about my take on the health care debate.

I think the government, and the whole “health care” industry in general, has taken the wrong approach. Drugs and surgery are only attempts at fixing problems after they occur, and for the most part they only cover up symptoms without addressing the cause of the illness. A better way is to address the lifestyle choices that are causing the problems. I choose to call it “wellness care“.

You are the result of the daily choices you make. If you choose to eat fast food, drink sodas, and deprive yourself of sleep on a regular basis then you have a better chance of getting sick. They increase the stress and acidity in the body. That’s all there is to it.

If you prefer to eat healthy vegetables, supplement your diet, drink plenty of clean water, and get enough sleep, then your chances of staying healthy are much better. These choices decrease acidity and put less stress on the body.

It all comes down to choices.

I can put it another way for you. The US has one of the most “advanced” medical system in the world. Nobody is better at drugging and cutting the body than we are. We are also one of the most chronically ill countries on the planet. Why is that? My opinion is that health doesn’t come from a pill bottle or syringe, and that is all that a government health care plan is likely to address.

This is what I’m doing to stay healthy, especially with all of the illness concerns that people have right now. I have an organic salad with spinach and other tasty leaves just about every day for lunch. I eat my salad dry so that I need to drink plenty of water to wash it down which helps to make sure I get the necessary amount of water every day. I also take nutritional supplements, sleep on a magnetic mattress pad, and make time to play with my kids (play helps to relieve stress).

What choices are you going to make today?

Wayne Woodworth
Practicing my wellness care plan.

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