Water – Drinking it is Absolutely Essential for Life

I know you already know that you are supposed to drink at least so much water everyday depending on how much you weigh. I don’t think enough people know why they need to drink all that water though.

The bottom line is that water is necessary for just about every process that takes place in the body. It is necessary to keep the skin and mucous membranes soft and effective at keeping out invaders. Water is the medium in which our food is digested, the nutrition transported to the cells, metabolized, and the wastes carried away and eliminated. It is also necessary for neurons to fire and for proper brain function.

I once heard Ted Aloisio speak. He tells people to drink water first, then have you juice, tea, or whatever it is that you want. Ted Aloisio is a nutritional expert and author of Blood Never Lies and Quad 3. None of those other drinks count toward the amount of water that you should drink each day.  Only water counts.

As you know, when you haven’t had enough water you are dehydrated. When you are dehydrated your body does what it can to conserve water for the more vital functions. One of the first victims to dehydration is the skin and mucous linings of the mouth and nose.  You probably know several people with dry skin.

Just 2% dehydration can lead to fuzzy short-term memory. That leads me to believe that the body has turned down the nervous system to save some water. That could also lead to slow response times and poor judgment (like not drinking water).

5% dehydration will give you a slight fever. The body’s temperature regulation system is not functioning like it should. Someone this dehydrated will probably notice that they have stopped sweating.

When you jump up to 10% dehydration you lose the ability to walk. There are probably a lot more things that you can’t do either because the water is not available in the muscles for the chemical reactions that cause them to contract.

The rest of the body’s functions shut down by the time it reaches 12% dehydration, which is fatal.

Here’s an idea that might help you to get more water. Most of us are so chronically dehydrated that we have forgotten how to distinguish between thirst and hunger, which has contributed to the rampant obesity that we see in our society. So, the next time you feel hungry (especially if you are trying to lose weight) get a good drink of water first and see if that helps. You will eat less food and give your body the water it needs to metabolize and eliminate the fat.

So go get a drink of water right now while you’re thinking about it.

Wayne Woodworth

PS. The water filter that I use filters to NSF standards, alkalizes, and ionizes the water. You can’t get better than that.

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