People Who Couldn’t Sleep are Now Sleeping

Nikken Naturest Magnetic Mattress TopperDo you have difficulty sleeping more than a few hours at a time? Nikken has a magnetic mattress topper that may help. They are call it the Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper. There is a Naturest magnetic pillow too.

The technology advances are cool but the most important thing is how people are sleeping. I used to have trouble getting to sleep at night until I started using Nikken’solder magnetic mattress pad, the Ultra Kenko Pad. Once that was on my bed I could fall asleep within seconds of laying down, and still do. The only down side to that magnetic pad is that it is very firm. If you like a soft bed then it took a little adapting to, and it did for me.

There are a few people who still had trouble sleeping with that one. Two people in my upline told me that before the Ultra Kenko Pad they would sleep very little. With that pad they could sleep 4 hours or so at a time and feel great. That was a significant improvement for them and they were happy with that.

Now there is the Naturest magnetic mattress topper. These same people are saying that this newer pad is helping them sleep 8 or 9 hours at night. They might not get that every night, but even just 2 or 3 nights a week of sleeping completely through the night is a huge breakthrough for them.

The new magnetic mattress pad, or mattress topper as they are calling them now, is made from natural latex rubber and a new magnet technology. Latex provides many benefits. It is a renewable resource, so it is good for the environment. The latex is much softer than the foam from the older magnetic mattress pad, so it is more comfortable and easier to adjust to. Natural latex is also resistant to microbes and such, so it is cleaner and better for the body.

The magnetic nodes in the topper each have 6 magnets in them offset from each other by 60 degrees to affect more of the energy pathways in the body. They are calling this Radial-Axis Magnetism or RAM and it creates a 3-dimensional magnetic cocoon effect that wraps the body and is able to relax you into deeper sleep.

While all of the new technologies are great, the important thing is that people who had trouble sleeping before are now able to sleep through the night. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will experience the same results that they have. The cool thing about magnets is that they don’t have any negative side-effects, so it doesn’t hurt to try it out.

Click here for the Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper and here for the magnetic pillow are available here.

Wayne Woodworth
Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant

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