New Meal Replacement Shakes

Nikken has launched a new meal replacement shake. The previous shakes have either been based on whey or soy protein and one used sucralose as a sweetener. These all have problems for different people. Some people can’t take whey because it is derived from milk and they have allergies to that.  Research is finding that soy isn’t everything that it was supposedly cracked up to be.  If you search for articles about soy, you will find that soy has a lot of potential health risks. These risks include hormone imbalance, memory loss, and increased cancer risk. You can also find several stories about the risks of using sucralose, which you may know by the brand name Splenda, at as well.

The new shakes are based on vegetable protein, not soy or whey, and use an organic sweetener, so they don’t have any of the problems that the old shakes had. Like before, the are available in both vanilla and chocolate flavors. A real plus for the new shakes is that, keeping inline with Nikken’s push to go more organic, more of the ingredients come from organic sources. They also qualify as a nutritional supplement because they contain prebiotics and probiotics to help with gastrointestinal health.

All that is great, but the important question is how do they taste?  I personally don’t know yet (my shake mix is supposed to ship to me tomorrow). I have heard that they taste great, even better than the previous shakes. If you are someone who has an allergy to any of the ingredients in the previous shakes, then you now should have a viable option for meal replacement.

Even better than anything I can say about them, try them for yourself and let me know what you think.

Wayne Woodworth
Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant
Happy to offer healthy options

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