My Sugar Cravings Are Gone

Nikken Meal Replacement Protein Shake MixA friend was nagging me a while back to try the meal replacement shake mix from the company that he works with. He was incredibly persistent so I finally decided to at least do some research to see if it was all he said it was. The other company heavily promotes their shake as containing leucine, an amino acid that promotes development of muscle mass and prevents loss of muscle mass when dieting. In my research I found that pea protein, which is the first ingredient in the Nikken protein shake, is a much better source of leucine than the soy protein that the other shake used, so I decided to try the Nikken shake instead.

The Nikken Protein Shake is Good

I don’t generally like shakes, even milk shakes, and have definitely not been a fan of any of the meal replacement protein shakes that I have tried before. That includes Nikken’s past offerings in the meal replacement shake mix market. Nikken has a chocolate shake mix, supposed to be a limited time offering, but I chose the vanilla flavor thinking that I could augment the flavor with strawberries or something if I didn’t like it. The third ingredient in the mix is real vanilla, so trying to overpower it with some organic strawberries didn’t work very well. Fortunately, the shake tastes fairly good (remember, I’m not a shake fan) so I make it as directed.

I started having my Vital Balance shake for breakfast five days ago and the biggest change I have noticed so far is that I haven’t had any sugar cravings since and it keeps me feeling full for about 3 hours, so it easily takes care of me through the morning until lunchtime. Based on that alone I can see that it should do a good job of helping me lose weight. With the high leucine content, the weight I lose should be just the unwanted fat, and I should be able to keep the muscle mass. The scale says I have dropped 4.5 lbs in the last five days. We’ll see how that continues.

The directions say to mix 2 scoops of the powder with 8 ounces of PiMag water, the alkaline water that comes out of either Nikken’s Aqua Pour or Waterfall water filters, and that is what I have been doing. You could probably use some other type of milk to make it creamier, just keep in mind the amount of vanilla in the mix when you make your selection. Like I said before, I have just used PiMag water so far and it has been fine. Also, just so that you know, the vanilla shake mix has a noticeable green tint because of the pea protein. The chocolate shake, for as long as it remains available, uses real cocoa for flavor.

How to Get the Nikken Shake Mix

Nikken Weight Management PackI ordered my shake mix as part of the Nikken Weight Management Pack with Bergisterol (a citrus bergamia risso juice) and Kenzen Liver Support (made from extracts from artichoke buds and sarsaparilla root). The shake mix is also available by itself in a canister of either vanilla or chocolate and in a box of single-serving packets of vanilla. All of the Nikken shake mixes are available here. Ordering the Weight Management pack doesn’t save you much money, only a dollar, but I was already ordering the Bergisterol that I take¬†everyday anyway.

If you would like to try the Nikken meal replacement shake for a month, or the whole Weight Management Pack, leave me a comment below and I will send you a promotion code for 10% off your order.

Disclosure Statement

I am an independent Nikken distributor, so I may earn a commission if you order from Nikken through any of the links on this page. Nikken’s products are only available through independent distributors like me.

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