My Favorite Nikken Product

Favorite Nikken ProductI wrote in my previous post about how I was thinking about what my favorite Nikken product was. I went through all of the magnets and the nutritional supplements, all exceptional items, before I finally landed on the one item from Nikken that I absolutely cannot live without. Since I was thinking about them I went ahead and told you about all of the Nikken magnets I use and put off until today to tell you about my favorite of all the Nikken products. BTW, I forgot one of the magnetic items that I use all the time, the Kenkoseat chair pad. It has been in the car so long that I don’t even notice it anymore. Take it out and I’m sure will though.

Anyway, back to my favorite Nikken item. I did mention that it had a magnet in it too. Of course it does. It is Nikken after all.

My absolute favorite Nikken item is the PiMag Waterfall, Nikken’s gravity water filter. Why is it my favorite? I use my Nikken water filter every single day to make sure that our water is safe to drink. Water, to my thinking, is the most important nutritional supplement that we can get. Without water we cannot live, so we need to make sure that it is the best we can possibly get.

Other Water Sources

Our tap water has been poisoned with chlorine and other chemicals. It smells bad and tastes even worse. Unless you have a well you probably get your water from a municipal supply. Municipal systems use surface water, usually lakes formed by dammed up rivers. It is runoff water from all of the farms and industry upstream from that reservoir.

Consider the small mountain town where I used to live. I won’t name it because it is a nice little town. While I lived there they built a dam on a small river, actually a creek, that flowed through town and filled up the reservoir. Before it got to town the creek flowed through a lot of farm land, and farms have a lot of runoff – chemicals sprayed on crops and manure from animals, mostly chickens in my area. Needless to say, the small lake they created reeks. This is the water that flows through the water treatment facility where they add the chlorine and everything else then to the faucets in all of the houses in town.

In larger cities they have found traces of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals in the water.

Bottled Water Isn’t Much Better

Most of the bottled water that I know about comes from municipal water supplies then run through a reverse osmosis filtration system. This clean, almost sterile, water is then put into a cheap plastic bottle. According to an article on published in July 2013, we are paying about twice as much for that water as we do for gasoline. That’s insane.

Once in the bottle the water then begins to absorb chemicals from the plastic container, so it isn’t exactly clean anymore. Further, when you open the bottle the water absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and becomes acidic. Get some litmus paper or a pool test kit and check for yourself. I was amazed. The only bottled water I found that isn’t acidic and tastes decent is Fiji water, which is even more expensive and is still in a cheap plastic bottle.

The PiMag Waterfall

PiMag Waterfall Nikken Water FilterI bought my Aqua Pour water filter, the predecessor to the Waterfall, when I started with Nikken and we absolutely loved it. After drinking water from it for about a month I tried a typical bottle of purified water from the grocery store. It tasted very acidic. It was hard to believe because we used to think that it tasted great. No more. The water we got from our Aqua Pour was between 7.5 and 7.7 pH, reasonably alkaline and tasted great.

A few years ago Nikken discontinued the Aqua Pour and replaced it with the PiMag Waterfall. It filters more contaminants from the water and adjusts the alkalinity to somewhere between 8.5 and 9.5 pH. It also ionizes the water, something that is usually reserved for much more expensive electrically powered systems. The PiMag Waterfall, like the Aqua Pour before it, is still “just” a free-standing gravity-powered water filter, yet it does as much as units that cost three times as much or more.

I have been very happy with my PiMag Waterfall, my one must-have item from Nikken.

Oh yeah, I said that there is a magnet in the Waterfall. The water passes through a strong magnet  just before it passes through the spigot when you dispense the water. Water molecules have poles, like a magnet, so the magnetic field aligns the water molecules to improve water flow and soften the water.

Disclosure: I am an independent Nikken distributor and may earn a commission if you place an order through the links on this website. Nikken products are only available through independent distributors like me.

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