What Is The Best of the Nikken Magnets?

mSteps Magnetic InsolesI was thinking last night about what my favorite Nikken product was. I think I overheard someone talking about that old stranded on a desert island and if you could only take one thing with you, what would it be? I finally figured out what my one item would be, and it took a while to think of it because I use it all the time without really thinking about it. I’ll tell you what it is in another post, probably tomorrow. Today I want to talk about the things I thought of first, the most obvious, the Nikken magnets.

Nikken started out as a magnet company and I have and use many of the Nikken magnetic products, so they were the logical place to start when I was trying to figure out what one item I couldn’t live without.

Magsteps and mSteps Magnetic Insoles

My newest magnets are the Nikken mSteps magnetic insoles. They are my newest magnets because they are Nikken’s newest magnets, and they just came out about a month ago. I’ve had my Magsteps insoles, the predecessor to the mSteps, since I started with Nikken in 2006. I’ve had two pair of Magsteps in that time and my second pair was beginning to fall apart when I switched to the mSteps. I bought my second pair for a second pair of shoes so that I didn’t have to keep moving them depending on which pair I wore. When the first pair of Magsteps wore out, I moved the newer pair to the shoes that I wore most. Each pair lasted me close to six years. I expect the mSteps to last at least as long, probably longer, because they feel more durable.

I don’t have any significant problems with my feet so I don’t have any amazing medical claims to make about the Nikken magnetic insoles. What they do most for me is keep my feet comfortable, especially when I have to be on my feet for extended periods of time, like all day at a trade show or something. The magnets in the mSteps are much stronger than in the older Magsteps, so I expect them to be even more effective. Since they have only been available for about a month we’ll have to see. The Dynaflux magnetic nodes used in the mSteps have been very successful in the magFlex, so I’m confident in them.

Magnetic Sleep System

Nikken Magnetic Sleep SystemI think the term “magnetic sleep system” sounds rather intimidating but the actual thing isn’t. You probably sleep on a sleep system now, just not a magnetic one. It is just the combination of a mattress (or a mattress topper that goes on your existing mattress), comforter and pillows. A Nikken magnetic sleep system incorporates magnets in all three pieces. Nikken recently made a pillowcase available that puts the additional technologies from the comforter on the pillow as well.

The Nikken sleep system was the first thing that we tried, before we even signed up as distributors. We borrowed one from the people who introduced us to the products. The pad at that time was the Ultra Kenkopad. Once we had it on our bed we laid down on it and I remember that it was very hard. The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning having had one of the best nights sleep that I’d had in a long time.

The current magnetic mattress topper, the Kenko Naturest topper, is much softer because it is made from natural latex. The cover is also made from natural materials that are naturally flame retardant and resistant to pests so that it doesn’t have to be drenched in potentially harmful chemicals at the factory. It is much better and healthier for you, and still gets you great sleep.

 The Naturest Magnetic Pillow

I love my Nikken sleep system. It isn’t all that portable though, so I can’t take it with me when I travel. I do always take my Nikken magnetic pillow with me though. When traveling by plane it just fits in a suitcase. When traveling by car it is nice to have them if the kids decide to take a nap. I have found that I just sleep better when I have it.

Nikken PowerSleep Mask

Nikken Magnetic Sleep MaskThe magnetic sleep mask is not technically part of the Nikken sleep system but it is a sleep item, so I’ll include it here. I used the previous version of the sleep mask and enjoyed it at first but it didn’t wear well. It wasn’t rigid enough to keep its shape. My eyes would sweat too because it didn’t breathe very well.

The new PowerSleep magnetic sleep mask is much better. It is more rigid and more padded than the previous one and breathes much better, so it is very comfortable to wear all night. The mask uses the same DynaFlux magnetic technology that are in the mSteps that I already talked about and in a few of the other magnets I will mention in a bit. My vision prescription for my glasses has improved since I started wearing the mask. I can’t say that it is because of the mask and magnets, but I can’t say that it isn’t either.

Kenko PowerChip Magnet

Kenko PowerChip MagnetI have mentioned the DynaFlux magnetic technology a couple times already. You’ve probably played with magnets before and understand that if you put like poles toward each other they will push each other away. One of the people at Nikken figured out that if you can hold magnets together in opposition like that then they produce a much larger magnetic field. That is what the DynaFlux magnets do. The Kenko PowerChip was the first application for the DynaFlux technology.

Any time that I have a sore muscle, an active trigger point to use neuromuscular massage terminology, I tape one of the Nikken PowerChip magnets on it and forget about it. I like them better than the smaller magnets because they cover a larger area so you can use fewer of them, have more nodes (6), and are not easily lost. I have three of them and that has been enough for any aches that I have had in the past few years.

MagDuo and MagCreator

I have two Magboys, two magnetic balls in a case/holder. I use my Magboys most often for Emotion Code work to release trapped emotions and limiting thoughts and beliefs. The Magboys also worked great on the palms of the hands and bottoms of the feet when I used to do massage.

Nikken MagDuo Massage BallsThe Kenko MagDuo is an upgraded form of the Magboy with Dynaflux nodes built into each ball. Because the DynaFlux magnetic nodes create a much bigger magnetic field, the MagDuo is really good at releasing tension and trigger points in muscles. Many people also say that it is really good at releasing tension around their head if held up next to the head and spun.

Nikken MagCreator Magnetic Massage RollerThe Nikken MagCreator is a magnetic massage roller and hasn’t changed much over the years. I’m told that there used to be a blue one without magnets, but it was gone before I started with Nikken and I have never seen one. The MagCreator’s primary purpose is to give a magnetic massage on the back. It is a magnetic roller, has small nubs to stimulate the skin, and a notch in the middle so that it rolls comfortably over the spine. The magnets in the MagCreator stimulate the muscles and energy channels that run along the spine, and there are many of them. The bottom line is that it relaxes and energizes the body and feels absolutely fantastic.


Nikken PowerBands magnetic sports braceletsThe metal magnetic necklaces and bracelets tend to be rather expensive so it was great when Nikken introduced their first Sports Bracelet several years ago. The first sports bracelet was a hollow silicone tube with pieces inside the tube that provided the magnetic energy. Unfortunately, the silicone tore pretty easily.

The current nikken bracelet, the PowerBand bracelet, is much stronger. They are a solid silicone band wrapped in a nylon sheath and the magnets are now 3 moveable beads that the band passes through.

The Nikken PowerBands are available in three lengths – small bracelet, large bracelet and necklace. The connectors are the same on all three so that they can be combined to make longer bands the some people are using as belts. I use a small bracelet band to lengthen the necklace so that it is more comfortable and hangs a little lower.

My Favorite Nikken Magnet

That is all of the currently available Nikken magnets that I use. We still have some of the old PowerPatches and I have the Biaxial magnets (Body Energizer, PalmMag and PowerMag). BTW, Nikken still says that they have a replacement coming for the PowerMag.

My favorite from the list of Nikken magnetic products is a toss-up between the Naturest magnetic pillow and the mSteps magnetic insoles. I cannot honestly say which one I would choose between the two, and fortunately I don’t have to.

If you have used any of the Nikken magnets then please share your experience in a comment below. I’d love to hear about it.

Oh, and my favorite Nikken item, the one thing that I would choose over all of the rest, does have a magnet in it, though it isn’t about the magnet in this case. I’ll let you know what that is next time.


Disclosure – I am an independent Nikken distributor. If you order any of the Nikken products through a link on this website then I may earn a commission. Nikken’s products are only available through independent distributors.

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