What Nutritional Supplements are Best to Keep My Kids Healthy

What nutritional supplements are best for me and my kids when they don't get enough from their regular diet? I make sure that my kids get their nutritional supplements regularly this time of year. A lot of people seem to get sick when the temperatures cool off from summer to winter. When you give your kids nutritional supplements, you have to know what nutritional supplements are best for them.

I wrote the original version of this post several years ago, on February 19, 2009. With everything that has changed over the years, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the list of nutritional supplements that I give to my kids.

Why are Nutritional Supplements Necessary?

Before we talk about what nutritional supplements are best, let’s look at why you should even care. Why are nutritional supplements necessary? There are several reasons. We don’t always eat the best food. Let’s face it, junk food is everywhere. It’s convenient to grab when you are in a hurry, which seems to be all the time.

Over-farming depletes the soil of nutrients, so our food has less nutrition in it now than it did during our parents’ or grandparents’ time. The organic movement promotes better farming practices such as crop rotation to make food more nutritious. Some crops restore certain nutrients that other crops need, so planting different crops every year maintains the soil better.

You also need different nutrition from time to time to boost your body’s ability to deal with things, like the change of season that we are going through right now.

Nutritional supplements are a good way to deal with all of the above. They boost your nutrition in areas that you may be lacking for whatever reason.

What Nutritional Supplements Are Best?

Our nutrition is supposed to come from our diet, the food that we eat. Your body doesn’t use just one chemical or nutrient by itself. It uses them in combinations. When you take a supplement, calcium for example, by itself it is mostly useless to your body.

Food on the other hand contains many ingredients. It gives you the nutrient you are looking for plus the other nutrients that your body needs to make the best use of it.

Because of that, I believe the best nutritional supplements come from real food. The ingredient lists contain things that you recognize as food, and more importantly, that your body recognizes as food. Your body processes them better and gets the most from them.

The Best Supplements Target Organs and Body Functions

There are a lot of wellness companies that promote nutritional supplements. The problem with these companies, other than using fake chemicals created in a lab, is that they are too general. A vitamin C supplement is great, but I get more enjoyment and nutrition from a glass of orange juice.

Some supplements companies also use a lot of fillers. Fillers make the supplements hard to digest and don’t add any value.

What nutritional supplements are best? The best supplements support the organs and body functions and don’t contain a lot of fillers. For example, this time of year I give my kids an immunity support supplement  made from a blend of 14 mushrooms. I recognize the ingredients and it clearly states what it is for.

The Best Supplements for My Kids.

I have 2 young kids who are very healthy and almost never get sick, even this time of year. They stay healthy regardless of the other kids around them. I remember back when they were in preschool and half the kids in their classes were sick, but they didn’t catch any of it.

I credit their health to many things. One is that they play outside and get plenty of sunlight and fresh air. I also credit it to the nutritional supplements that they take.

The Nutritional Supplements My Kids Take

My kids take three nutritional supplements from Nikken. As I said before, my kids take the same nutritional supplements that they have taken for several years. They haven’t changed.

CiagaV is a high antioxidant juice made from maqui berries, acai berries, elderberries, and red and black raspberries. The berries all range from red to deep purple. Maqui berries have the highest antioxidant rating of any berry that I’ve heard of. CiagaV is a juice so your body absorbs it easily.

CiagaV stands for cardiovascular, immune, anti-aging, gastrointestinal, and antioxidant. The “V” stands for vital. It supports these core body systems.

I mentioned the Kenzen Immunity supplement already. Immunity contains a blend of 14 mushrooms known to support your body’s immune system. For my family, this is a must going into the winter season.

Kenzen Immunity is a powder inside a cellulose capsule so your body digests it easily as well.

Jade GreenZymes is an organic young green barley grass powder. Young green barley grass is very green and is very alkaline. Some call it one of one of nature’s perfect foods.

How We Use Them

CiagaV is a juice and Jade GreenZymes is a loose powder, so I just mix them together with a little water. I open the Immunity capsule and dump the powder into the mixture then my kids drink it up. I don’t have to worry about it being safe for kids or other small print on the label because it is all food. It works very well for my kids, and for my wife and I as well.

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Nikken distributor, so I may earn a commission if you order through the links above. Also, the Nikken nutritional supplements are not approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition.


What nutritional supplements are best? Ones that are made from real food and don’t contain any artificial ingredients or fillers. The body recognizes real food and knows what do do with it, so supplements made from food support the body the most.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what nutritional supplements are best. Leave me a comment below and please share this post with your followers on social media. Thanks for reading.

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