Earthing for Health

Earthing for health means connecting with the Earth to balance out the electrical charge in your body.We need the energy from the four classic elements to stay healthy. Those elements are fire, water, air and earth. In my previous 3 posts I wrote about fire, in the form of energy from the sun, water and air. This post is about the earth element – Earthing for health.

There are two components that I want to talk about when it comes to Earth energy. First, the Earth can absorb all of the excess energy that we need to get rid of. That’s called earthing or grounding. Second, it provides a magnetic field that protects us and energizes us.

Are You Connected?

You’ve heard of the paleo diet right? It says that we should eat the foods that were available to the paleolithic people because we can digest them better.

Paleolithic people also spent their time outdoors and walked barefoot on the ground. That kept them in the Earth’s magnetic field and electrically connected to the Earth. They didn’t do things like earthing for health or use magnets because they didn’t need to. They did it all the time naturally.

Modern people have made a lot of advancements over our paleolithic ancestors. We now have houses and cars that keep us safe from the elements and shoes to protect our feet. Unfortunately, our houses insulate us from the Earth’s magnetic field and our shoes insulate us from the ground.

Earthing for Health

Let’s talk about electrical ground first. For safety, the electrical wiring in all houses and buildings have a connection to the Earth, the ground outside. In the US, we have 3 prongs on most of our electrical plugs. The third prong, the round one, is the ground prong and carries electricity safely to the ground, literally, if there is an electrical short in an appliance. That’s much better than getting zapped when you touch something.

You need a physical connection to ground too, and like I said above, your shoes insulate you from it. As you move about through the air you build up a charge. That charge is essentially the same as free radicals in your body. It does damage to your body and causes inflammation.

When you walk barefoot on the ground, your body discharges that stored charge safely into the ground.

What Earthing Does

Many people do earthing for inflammation. When you ground your body and get rid of the built-up charge, your body works better. It isn’t meant to carry around the positive charge that we build up from the air.

Earthing can help you reduce inflammation, which is your body’s first response to things that don’t belong in it. When you get rid of inflammation, you have less discomfort, your blood circulates better, and you feel better.

How to Do Earthing

Earthing for health involves walking or standing barefoot on the ground, either in damp grass, bare dirt, or the sand and surf at the beach.

Since it isn’t always easy to get outside and touch bare earth, especially if you live in a city, some companies have brought earthing indoors.

You can use earthing mats when you work or sleep. They contain conductive threads throughout the item to draw the stored charge out of your body then ground it out through a nearby electrical outlet.

Several years ago, when I first learned about Earthing, I saw a video that David Wolfe created to show how well the earthing mats worked. He had a meter that showed how much voltage flows through your body when you use a laptop computer with and without the mat. It was much lower when you grounded yourself with the earthing mat.

The earthing products only have 1 prong on their plugs. When you use one, you plug it into the ground opening on your outlet to connect it to the ground outside. They don’t use electricity because no electricity flows on the ground line.

The Earthing starter kits have a tool to test your outlets to make sure your wiring is correct and safe.

What Do Magnets Do For Health?

Electrical grounding doesn’t give you good energy, it takes away bad energy. The Earth does give you good energy too though. It comes in the form of magnetic energy. The Earth creates a magnetic field that surrounds the Earth and protects you from most of the solar radiation. It also creates the Earth’s magnetic poles that make a compass work to guide you in one direction or another.

Magnetic fields make energy move. That’s how we generate electricity. Likewise, the Earth’s magnetic field helps to get the energy moving in your body, and keep it moving.

Just like you insulate ourself from the ground with your shoes, you also insulate yourself from the Earth’s magnetic field. You surround yourself with reinforced concrete and artificial magnetic fields created by the electricity flowing through your walls. They block out the Earth’s natural magnetic field.

Are magnets good for health?

Just like you can use tools to connect to the ground from inside, you can also use magnetic devices to reconnect with a magnetic field.

Magnetic sports bands, magnetic insoles, and magnetic mattress pads are all great ways to reconnect with a healthy magnetic field.

Iron becomes a magnet when the individual atoms align to a magnetic field. They maintain that alignment and create their own magnetic field that you can use on your body. Water molecules also have poles that align to magnetic fields. Using magnets can help keep them aligned properly where they form communication channels in your body. You may have heard of some of them – the energy meridians talked about in Eastern medicine.

Do You Use Magnets and Earthing for Health?

I have used magnets and earthing for my health for about 1o years. I sleep on a magnetic mattress pad every night. If I go outside, I go barefoot so that I can get the earthing benefits. I go outside  barefoot every morning for 15 or 20 minutes to stand in the grass and take in the sunrise.

When I go farther from home, I wear magnetic insoles in my shoes. I also keep a pair on the floor so that I can stand on them when I use my computer.

I have an earthing pad that I sometimes use as well, but I don’t use it as much right now because I get outside every day. Later on I will use it more as the temperatures get colder toward winter because standing barefoot in the snow kind of cancels out some of the benefits of earthing for health.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for the magnetic and earthing items that I use and have linked to in this post.

Do you use the benefits that our planet Earth offers? Tell me about what you do in a comment below, and please share this with your followers on social media. Thanks for reading.

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