Who Will Benefit From Magnetic Insoles?

Magnetic InsolesWho would benefit the most from magnetic insoles? It would be very easy to say “anybody with feet”, and while true, there are some people who would benefit more than others.

People who spend all day on their feet are great candidates for magnetic insoles, especially if they stand in one place on a concrete floor. That would be cashiers in large stores like Walmart or Home Depot for example. Concrete floors don’t give much, so they are hard on the feet. Cashiers are stuck in one place for extended periods of time, leading to poor circulation because that depends on the muscle contractions from movement.

High Heels Bad For FeetWomen who wear high heels are good candidates for magnetic insoles too, but they would benefit most quickly from getting rid of the heels first. Take a look at this x-ray image of the bones in your foot as you stand on high-heels. Your foot was not designed for this and causes all sorts of problems all the way up your body? Do you wear high heels and get headaches? The could be related.

Magnetic insoles are great for anyone who has tired or sore feet by the end of the day. The magnetic energy from the insoles keeps the energy flowing through the feet all day long to help relax end energize them so that they aren’t as tired and sore.

I don’t go anywhere with shoes on without my magnetic insoles. I can be on my feet all day at a wellness expo where I’m pretty much standing in one place on a concrete floor or I can be hiking for a weekend on the Appalachian Trail. Either way, I know my feel are well cared for with my magnetic insoles.

Give magnetic insoles a try and see for yourself.

Wayne Woodworth

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2 Responses to Who Will Benefit From Magnetic Insoles?

  1. Matthew says:

    Will magnetic insoles be of any good to someone with foot and ankle injuries?I have plantar fasciitis and my ankles are prone to sprains.

    • I don’t want to make any medical claims. If I had the issues you listed, I would definitely be wearing magnetic insoles and use some other magnets to try to strengthen my ankles.

      Thanks for the comment Matthew,


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