What Can Magnetic Insoles Do For You?

Yesterday I wrote a post about who can benefit from wearing magnetic insoles in their shoes. Today I will talk about some of the benefits that magnetic insoles can offer.

There are a lot of theories about how magnets actually work on the body. Ultimately, none of that is really important. What matters is that they do work, and magnets under your feet are one of the best places to have them.

A lot of people have an aching back, tired legs, and overall fatigue from being on their feet all day. Slipping a pair of magnetic insoles into your shoes can go along way to addressing some of those issues.

What happens when you are on your feet, especially if you are standing in one place, is your muscles in your feet and in the back of your legs tighten up. This pulls on your knees and the muscles in your upper legs compensate and pull on your hips. The muscles in your low back then compensate, and on up it goes through the spine, shoulders, neck, and can even result in headaches.

The magnetic insoles under your feet help to energize your body and relax those muscles in your feet. When the muscles in your feet stop pulling, the lower legs can stop pulling, and so on. That is one way in which magnetic insoles can provide relaxation to the whole body.

Can magnetic insoles improve circulation in your feet? I believe they can, and here is how.

Blood flows through your arteries by the pumping action of your heart. Blood is pumped through your veins largely from muscle contraction. When your muscles tighten ¬†up, they can pinch off the blood flow. That’s why your legs can feel numb after you have stood in one place for a long time.

When the magnetic insoles in your shoes help the muscles to relax, the blood flow isn’t pinched off anymore. You can improve it even further by moving your feet too. If you are stuck in one place, walk in place. That will help with your circulation too.

Find out more about the magnetic insoles that I use here.

Wayne Woodworth

Disclaimer – I am not a doctor and I do not make any medical claims that magnetic insoles will cure, treat, prevent, or diagnose any medical condition. If you have a condition, go see your doctor. Do not use magnets if you have an implanted medical device, like a pacemaker.

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