Drinking Clean, Alkaline Water Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Clean Alkaline Water Is Good For YouSomeone left a comment on a post I wrote last month about the high cost of bottled water, both financially and to the environment. In her comment she said that she needed to look into getting a water filter, even though it would be costly.

Getting a quality water filter that cleans the water to NSF standards, alkalizes the water to 8.5 pH or more, and ionizes the water does NOT have to be costly.

It can be costly if you want it to be. You can find water filter systems that cost several thousand dollars pretty easily. If you want to pay that much, then go for it. I know a couple people who sell these systems and I would be happy to refer you. I think they are $3,000 and up.

Of, if you would rather keep your money, I know of a water filter system that will do all of that – filter, alkalize, and ionize the water for less than $400.

I am an independent distributor for Nikken and the water filtration system that I am talking about is the PiMag Waterfall. It is a free-standing counter top gravity water filter. Easy to set up because it doesn’t get connected to your plumbing. It doesn’t use electricity. You can set it up anywhere.

While $400 is a lot less than those $3,000 systems, some people still think it is a lot of money for a water filter. I will show you that it isn’t.

Here’s how the prices work out for a couple (just two people). To determine how much water they need I assumed that she weighs 120 lbs and he weighs 160 lbs. Using the recommendation of a half ounce of water a day for each pound of body weight, she needs 60 ounces and he needs 80 ounces for a total of 140 ounces a day or 51,100 ounces of water a year.

Your first year with the PiMag Waterfall costs $473 ($374 for the unit plus 3 replacement filter cartridges at $33 each). The second year expenses are $152 (4 replacement cartridges at $33 each and mineral rocks for $20). That is a total expense of $625 after two years.

I found a price online for a 24 pack of 16.9 ounce bottles for $2.99. That sounds like a good price. That is a total of 405.6 ounces of water for that price. To get 51,100 ounces, our couple will have to buy 126 cases of water at $2.99 each for a total of $376.74 per year, every year. After two years they have spent $753.48.

In the first two years of owning the PiMag Waterfall our couple will save $128.48. From then on, their cost for the waterfall will be $152 a year, while if they were buying bottled water they would pay $376.74 ever year.

That’s for an “ideal” couple. Most families have four people, and if you are active you will need more water. If you weigh more than our idea couple, you will need more water. Most families are going to at least break even in their first year with the PiMag Waterfall.

So if you are ready, you can find out more about the PiMag Waterfall here.

If you want to pay 7 to 10 times more for a water filter, leave me a comment below and I will have one of my friends who sell the expensive system contact you.

Wayne Woodworth

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