Energy Healing Works Because We Are Energy

DaylightI heard again today that we are not a physical body. We are made up entirely of energy.

You may have heard people talk about how when you look closer and closer at the human body we see tissues, then individual cells, then atoms. Then when you look inside the atom you see mostly space with a few protons and electrons. Then look inside the protons and electrons and all you find is energy.

At the most basic level, everything is energy and information.

We can look at it another way too. I read somewhere once that if you weigh the matter (food, water, etc) that goes into our bodies and the matter that comes out of our bodies (waste products) that they pretty much cancel each other out.

What are we taking from the food we eat?

Energy. That’s all.

And that is why the quality of what we put into our bodies is so important. That is why we want organic food, not genetically modified organisms. That is why we want clean, alkaline water and clean air.

We need energy, which is why magnetic products are so beneficial for us. This is the idea behind energy healing.

We take part in the natural energy cycles of our planet.

Those energies inlcude the magnetic and electrical energies of the earth. The Earth’s magnetic field helps to keep each cell in our bodies magnetically charge so that electrical signals can move through our bodies.

As we pass through the air, our bodies pick up a positive electrical charge that sinks into the ground when we walk barefoot through the grass, touch a tree, or work in a garden, then it returns to the air through lightning.

The electromagnetic fields from our bodies extend well beyond the surface of our skin and interact with the fields from other people, transmitting and receiving information.

The reason we get sick and develop “conditions” is because that energy gets out of whack, whether because we don’t ground out the excess electrical charge, our magnetic energy is depleted, or we aren’t getting quality energy from our food, air or water.

When we take the appropriate actions to restore our energy cycles we get well again. It is as simple as that. And that is where Nikken’s products come in.

Nikken’s products exist to help us to restore the proper energetic levels and cycles in our body. Magnetic patches and sleep systems help to smooth out energy imbalances and recharge our cells. Air filters and water filters clean the air and water we take in so that we only take in the beneficial energies.

Most of Nikken’s nutritional supplements are organic. What organic means for us is that the natural energies of the food have not been altered and damaged through pollution, manipulation, and over-processing.

Do you “need” Nikken’s products to be healthy? Of course not. If you live out in the country where you can get plenty of clean air and water, spend time outside (protected from over-exposure to the sun of course), and eat organic, or better yet home grown food then you should be fine.

If you don’t have all of that then take a look at what Nikken has to offer. It has helped me and my family.

Wayne Woodworth

Disclaimer – I am not a medical doctor and these products are not medical devices or drugs. If you have a condition, see a medical professional.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    A great article and I love the references to energy. Our life force is energy — any way that we can help our bodies to stay healthy and take in the natural energy around us, I am game to try. Keep up the great articles.

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