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Nikken Ordering WebsiteThe biggest thing that is new with Nikken are their websites. January was very stressful for a lot of people, especially for Nikken’s Distributor Services people, while all of the kinks got worked out of the new systems. From what I can see it looks like everything has pretty much settled down and is getting back to normal. I like the new websites and people seem to be able to find what they are looking for easier now than they did with the old websites. Nikken has made it a lot easier to see how to switch the cart from the US to Canada, so Canada is much better served with the new website.

New Nikken Wellness Products for 2012The new Nikken products that were introduced at the convention last year were all launched on December 1. That included the new Kenko PowerChips, the PiMag Waterfall that replaces the Aqua Pour, the upgraded KenkoLight II to replace the original KenkoLight introduced the year before, and another new color for the PowerBands – neon green. Last month Nikken added a red PowerBand as well.

Along with the new products came some discontinued products. The biggest loss was the Elastomag wraps. People are already missing them as the last ones sold out in December. If anyone needs an Elastomag hand wrap, I still have 3 of them – all brand new.

The Aqua Pour and Aqua Pour Deluxe were discontinued. The Deluxe is already sold out but there appears to be plenty of the Aqua Pour left and Nikken has reduced the price significantly. It originally sold for $299. It is now only $179.

All of the stainless steel jewelry has been discontinued too, and reduced in price. I believe that this jewelry was just too expensive, especially when you consider that the PowerBands have more technology for a fraction of the price.

Nikken Sleep Pack CouponNikken has also decided to add the 40% off sleep pack coupon to the Vital Environment Pack. If you are interested in getting the best night’s sleep possible and are thinking about owning your own magnetic sleep system, then you need to look at the Vital Day Pack or Vital Environment Pack to get the 40% off coupon. They offer huge savings. I’ll explain more about that in my next post.

Wayne Woodworth

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