Everything You Need to Know About Sleeplessness

Everything You Need to Know About Sleeplessness. That’s the title of an email that I received from HeartMath recently. Here’s the rest of the email.

You’ve heard about sleep problems and you have probably suffered a few sleepless nights yourself, but did you know all the facts? Did you realize just how pervasive it is and how many ways it affects us?

Then it had a link to the following infographic about sleeplessness. It is a long image. Take a look at it because it has a lot of very good information. This post continues after the image.

[The image was deleted and I can’t find it anywhere]

You already know that Nikken has some possible solutions for a few of the causes of sleeplessness.

Inappropriate Sleeping Environment

Nikken’s sleep pack is a great step toward addressing an inappropriate sleeping environment. The magnets and other technologies all work together to help you relax and pull you down into a deeper sleep.

Nikken’s Air Wellness Power 5 Pro can further help you with your sleeping environment be cleaning the air you breathe all night.


The PiMag Waterfall is a partial answer to dehydration. A lot of people avoid drinking water because their water tastes and/or smells bad. The water isn’t the problem, it is what is in that water and a good water filter can take care of that. I said that the PiMag Waterfall is only a partial answer. It can clean and ionize the water and make it alkaline. It can’t make you drink the water. That is up to you.


emWave personal stress reliever

HeartMath, the people who put together that infographic, has a device called the emWave that can help you to relax and reduce your anxiety. It is a biofeedback device that can help train you to get into a meditative state. I have one and my wife and I use it a lot. You can check out the emWave here.

Check out some of these links and see if they may help you to sleep better.

Wayne Woodworth

PS. Did you notice they didn’t mention “Pets wanting out in the morning” as a cause? I wonder how they missed that one. My cat gets me up between 4 and 5 every morning.

Disclaimer: I am a Nikken distributor and an affiliate with HeartMath so I may earn some commission if you purchase anything through the links on this page. I am only recommending products that I use myself and believe in.

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