Save a Fortune on a Nikken Sleep Pack

Did you see my previous post about “Everything You Need to Know About Sleeplessness“? I received a graphic from HeartMath listing a lot of the causes and the effects of not getting enough sleep at night. Below the graphic I listed a few products that Nikken offers that could help you to sleep better based on what the graphic said.

Nikken Sleep PackOne of those items is theĀ Nikken sleep pack. Here I want to tell you about the pack and how you can save a lot of money on one.

The Nikken Sleep Pack

The Nikken sleep pack includes a magnetic mattress topper, a magnetic comforter, and one or two magnetic pillows depending on the size pack you choose. The packs are available in the regular bed sizes: twin, full, queen, king, and California king. The twin and full have one pillow and the queen and up have two pillows.

The magnetic mattress topper is made from natural latex rubber. Did you know that “regular” latex rubber is made from petroleum? Natural latex is made from the sap from rubber trees and is therefore a renewable resource. It is also more resilient, holds it’s shape better, and is naturally resistant to pests. The latex provides you with a comfortable surface to sleep on.

The magnets in the topper are where the real magic occurs. The magnetic field that they generate helps you to relax so that you can drift into a deeper sleep and stay there longer. I hate to travel anymore because my king mattress topper is too big to fold up and take with me. I have gotten very used to it and sleep terribly without it.

The magnetic comforter contains magnets that complete the magnetic cocoon around you. It also contains special fibers that absorb your body heat and ambient energy in the room and reflects it back to you as warming energy. This helps to regulate your body temperature while you are sleeping and keep you comfortable.

Finally, the magnetic pillows are also made from the same natural latex as the mattress topper and includes 3 of the same magnets placed in a bar inside the pillow to support your neck.

How to Save Money on the Nikken Sleep Pack

Save On Nikken Sleep PackNikken offers a 40% off coupon for the sleep pack in the Vital Environment Pack and the Vital Day Pack. If you are looking for an air filter, water filter, shower filter, and full-spectrum lamps, then the Vital Environment Pack is a great buy. If you just want the sleep pack, then you need to look at the Day Pack.

The Vital Day Pack has several of Nikken products and it is heavily discounted from the regular retail prices of the individual items. More importantly for people wanting a queen sleep pack or larger, the 40% off coupon in the Vital Day Pack will save your more on the sleep pack than what the Vital Day Pack costs.

Check out the numbers. The queen sleep pack with light comforter is $2140.00 at full price. If you buy the Vital Day Pack and sleep pack together your total will be $1883. You save $257 and get all of the additional product.

Wayne Woodworth

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