Benefits of a Full Spectrum Desk Lamp

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Nikken Full-Spectrum desk lamp
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Why did Nikken create the KenkoLight?

Nikken has provided earth energy (magnets), water, air, life energy (nutritional supplements), and sun energy (far-infrared) for a long time.

There are two components to the energy that we receive from the sun. One is heat, which we have in the form of the far-infrared technology. The component we didn’t have until now was light, or full-spectrum light.

The KenkoLight is a full-spectrum lamp, effectively bringing sunlight inside so that we can benefit from it while we are trapped indoors. There has been a lot of research that shows the benefits of natural sunlight, and the KenkoLight is a great way to receive these benefits when you cannot actually get outside.

Check out the what people are saying the KenkoLight.

Why Do We Need Sunlight?

Back in the day, we used to spend a lot more time outside. We were exposed to the earth’s magnetic field, fresh air, far-infrared energy from the sun, and natural sunlight. We don’t get that as often as we should anymore.

From The Effect of Sunlight and Full-Spectrum Light on Health, Wellness & Performance (and page 2) by Dr. Jacob Liberman

…when we experimentally place plants, animals, or humans in a darkened environment and notice that their life force gradually diminishes…

When the same experiment is repeated using artificial lighting, such as cool-white fluorescent tubes, the natural growth pattern of both plants and animals is significantly affected, reducing lifespan, and at times manifesting as physical abnormality. In humans, there is a decrease in attention, learning ability, performance, and productivity, an increase in stress, irritability, errors, and fatigue, and a major increase in cavities. However, when children are placed in classrooms that incorporate natural daylight, learning ability, test scores, and productivity significantly improve. Natural daylight in retail locations boosts sales by 40%.

Why Get a KenkoLight?

You can read about all of the health benefits of the KenkoLight in the document that I referred to above. I’m fortunate enough to live where there is plenty of sun. I also get to work from home and have my desk next to a window where I get plenty of morning sunlight. I don’t need the KenkoLight for all of its health benefits, so why would I want to get one?

Because I can see so much better with it when the sun isn’t shining. It lights up my desk in the morning and night with a white light that is easy on the eyes and makes everything clear. I haven’t found any other light that can do that, except the sun itself. It works great for anyone stuck in an office, or worse, a cubicle, without natural sunlight. It is easy on the eyes unlike incandescent and fluorescent lights.

My wife used my lamp once while working on a craft project and she was hooked. I had to get her one too. I think it would work equally well for any artist, interior decorator, or person who enjoys crafts – anyone who needs to be able to see how different colors go together and look good.

Check out Nikken’s video for the KenkoLight.

Need more information? You can find the brochure and the quick reference sheet (QRS) on Nikken’s KenkoLight page.

See what people are saying about the KenkoLight.

Note: With the new Vital Environment Pack you will get 2 KenkoLights with the rest of Nikken’s environmental products. Check out the Vital Environment Pack here.

Note #2: I was told that the USB port will not charge any Apple devices. iPhones and such must have to interact with the software running on your computer to enable the recharging function on the phone. This sounds like an issue to take up with Apple.

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