Magsteps Magnetic Insoles and Reflexology

Reflexology ChartThe bumps on the Magsteps magnetic insoles give your feet what could be described as a passive reflexology session.

Nikken started making and selling magnetic insoles in 1975 and has been ever since. Unlike other magnetic insoles you may find, the Magsteps have magnetic nodes spread throughout the entire insole instead of just around the edges or in only a couple areas. The surface is also covered with bumps that stimulate the bottoms of your feet as you walk on them. What are the bumps for?

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the practice of stimulating specific areas on the bottoms of your feet, palms of your hands, or your outer ear to cause a therapeutic effect somewhere else in the body. It is really amazing how reflexology has mapped out all of the areas and organs of the human body so that they can all be treated by just (usually) working on your feet.

If you have a particular complaint, let’s say a sinus problem, you could go to an experienced reflexologist and they would work in an area under each of your toes (see the picture above) to correct the issue. As a side benefit you get a good foot massage, and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy that.

Passive Reflexology from Magsteps Magnetic Insoles

With respect to all of the reflexologists out there, I cannot say that the Magsteps replace a good reflexology session from a well-trained practitioner. A reflexologist can work on specific areas of concern for you and work them very thoroughly.

Passive Reflexology Magnetic InsolesThe bumps on the Magsteps magnetic insoles provide a more general effect, like a nice shoulder massage from a friend or spouse in comparison to a trained massage therapist working out specific areas.

Magsteps do provide a lot of benefit though. Every time you take a step, the bumps on the magnetic insoles are physically stimulating all of those areas on the bottom of your feet in addition to energetically stimulating them all with the magnetic field generated across the entire surface of the insole.

I have had my Magsteps for a little over six years and I never wear a pair of shoes without them.


Go here to find out more about the Magsteps magnetic insoles.

Update March 2015

Nikken has just introduced a new pair of magnetic insoles – Kenko mSteps. They have the bumps (they are calling them “nodes” now) like the magsteps, so you get the same passive reflexology affect. The difference with the mSteps is that magnetic nodes are much more powerful. The magnetic nodes are engineered to provide a bigger magnetic field, and they shift as you walk creating a dynamic field that moves more energy. You can see them at the same link above.

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